Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013

So it's a new year! We started the new year with some friends. New Year's was great! We just hung out, watched a movie, hung out some more, and opened some "bubbly"! Too bad I never have any pictures of me and John doing anything fun with our friends! Only our kids. We had a couple of snow storms albeit with very little snow. The kids loved playing outside. They made their own little snowman who survived for quite a while! Anyways, it's quite the overload of pictures.

Carly eating the snow
She kept getting out of bed but instead of downstairs, she fell asleep at the top of them. 
Showing off their tattoos and how manly they are with them!
Funniest note ever! "Dear Mommy. Can I eat a snack. Love Landon"
 This month, Caleb is 4 months. He has begun to arch his back when he wants to get picked up. That means that he's arching his back as I'm putting it into his car seat or stroller. He loves to play with his tongue. It's hard to get a good picture of him when he's awake because he starts moving his hands and legs like crazy. Don't let that picture of him on his tummy fool you. He can't last longer than a minute before he starts crying like crazy. Usually he'll cry till he falls asleep. Carly loves "hugging" him. He's only gotten her hair a couple of times. It's pretty funny. He has started to suck his thumb every once in a while but I think it's just a phase just like the other boys did. And that's his fourth month.

 Going to the zoo with friends!
Landon reading to Cody. I absolutely love her hair in a ponytail! It makes her look older.
 Carly just loves her brother so much but he starts getting just a little too squished!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmastime 2012

We had a great Christmas.  I actually think this was one of the best ones I've ever had. Not because I got lots of presents (because I didn't), but because the kids were so awesome! We started off by opening the stockings and everything was just so exciting! "Look, Scriptures! Underwear! SOCKS! Chapstick!" It was pretty great. And afterwards, they wanted to play with all their toys and they just had a great time. For the month of December, I'd decided I wanted to do sort of an advent calendar. I pretty much had an envelope for them to open every morning with something we were going to do that day. Sometimes it was easy like read a book and other times it was something more involved like seeing Santa, making gingerbread houses, looking at lights, etc.  Lots of pictures but this is basically December in a nutshell.
The day after Thanksgiving, Landon insisted on putting up the Christmas Tree. And he immediately started making presents.
Making gingerbread houses with friends.
The whole group.
Landon's weird smile. He was very meticulous.
That's not a bad pictures. Let's add one more kid to that.
What happened? No one was crying! Carly did not enjoy Santa this year.
We kept trying.
Here's Cody telling Santa he's 3, no wait, he's 4.
Landon telling Santa he wants a bike which he got. He wasn't that surprised when he got it for Christmas because he said that yeah, he'd asked for a bike.
Making s'mores as one of our activities.
Carly loved it and made a mess.
Landon thought they were okay.
Christmas mess.
Loving the trains.
Working with Grandmommy on his airplanes he got from them. Again, he was very meticulous and worked really hard on it.
Look at that concentration!
They were very excited to get their own Book of Mormons. Here we are reading them the first night.
Christmas PJ's
Helping Granddaddy put an ornament back on.

Caleb - 3 Month

Caleb figuring out he has a tongue!
Caleb turned 3 months on December 24th. He's now smiling and cooing at people, he'll watch you moving around, he'll laugh, he's very ticklish, likes to be held, eats A LOT, and is sleeping okay. He still wakes up a couple times in the night but has slept through the night a couple of times. He's held up his head now for quite some time. He HATES tummy time and will scream his head off right when you put him down. He'll laugh at his siblings when they play with him and will sleep through just about all the craziness that goes on over here. Overall, he's pretty content and happy to just hang out with the family.