Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something Sweet

Cody thought it'd be really fun to make a little mess while eating a brownie or something like that. He has this new smile where he scrunches up his nose and eyes too. It's just too funny to us. Sometimes it's hard to photograph because he'll do his smile for like a second and it's gone. He's thinking he is pretty funny nowadays.

This is how Landon rolls during nap time. He was obviously supposed to be sleeping. So much for his nap that day!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nothing New

Although there isn't anything special to post about, I want to get better at posting so I'm posting about nothing new! The boys are still cute (well to me), I'm still pregnant, we're still living in the same place, and it's still hotter than hades outside. So there you have it. Nothing new but at least I remembered to take some pictures of us doing all this nothingness. Here is our list of things to entertain ourselves.

We go to the park a lot lately after dinner. I will even take the kids by myself just because, 1) they expend a lot of energy 2) they fight less and 3) the kids Love it. Plus, our dog gets tons of exercise and the Cody loves seeing all the dogs there.

(Look! A dog!)
Landon's new thing has been his imagination. He has these imaginary balloons like you wouldn't believe. Just don't pretend pop one of them because he gets VERY upset and starts to cry. So, I decided to see if he'd make a cake for me. Which he did! I have the best cook ever.

Take random ugly pictures of mom getting fatter.

We take "mad" pictures. Cody wanted to get in on the action here. He didn't do too bad! He's the King of interesting faces.

Of course playing with water and getting soaked. (Cody's laugh at 1 minute is a little crazy)

And making dinosaur sounds.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Baby Girl

To answer some questions, the due date is November 15th. I'm almost 22 weeks so more than halfway there! This pregnancy has been very different than the first 2. I was SUPER tired the whole month of March and part of April. My doctor did say I was taking care of 2 kids but it wasn't like I was running around with them everywhere. I was just sitting there all day. It took all my energy just to get off the couch! Eating was difficult. This pregnancy was just different. I had hopes and an inkling that maybe, just maybe it meant it was a girl.
For those who don't know, Landon was supposed to have been a little girl. We were told, "I've been doing this for 10 years, I have 3 girls, that's a girl." And a week before Landon was born, oops, it's a boy! We're actually pretty sure this is really going to be a girl but in the back of my head, I'm thinking, what if!
Although the ultrasound technician told us we were having a girl, we were/are still a little skeptical. It was actually quite funny. The woman told us, "well, it looks like ... a girl!" And there was complete silence. No excitement, no smiles, no nothing! I think my mom asked, "are you sure?" It wasn't like we weren't excited, we were just, like I said, skeptical. Because, come on, we've been told that before! I did explain to her that our little girl before is now a cute 3 year old boy just so she didn't think we were totally not thrilled to finally be getting a little girl.
When John and I got home and told everyone, it still didn't seem real. Even calling it a she seemed like we might jinx it! I caught myself calling her a he or it. It almost seems like if you start calling it a she, she's going to change on you! I know that's not going to happen but maybe it's really a boy in there! He was just really good at hiding his stuff! I sure know Landon was!
Well, at least this time, there is hope that I can once again get out all that girl bedding and put it to good use. I was asked many times after Landon was born what I was going to do with all that little girl stuff. I let them know that we were going to keep it and wait till we had a girl. Well, the time has hopefully come that we will use it. You can even see it here since we posted it before! Now, if only we had planned on a May baby girl since all the girl clothes are for spring and not at all for the winter time when she's (oops I just jinxed it again) due.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

This morning as we got in the car for church, we were greeted with an "interesting" smell. I was thinking, 'I know I changed Cody's diaper in here but geez, I took it out 2 days ago.' And then I saw it. There was the large package of toilet paper from Costco sticking up in the back of our van. We had gone to Costco on Friday night in anticipation for July 4th. We had picked up hamburgers and hamburger buns along with a couple of other things. We had forgotten to unload the van! As we didn't go anywhere on Saturday, the hamburgers sat in the car for the weekend. So our hamburgers that we got for the 4th of July are ... well, they're gross. It'll be fried egg sandwiches tonight!
And, as I'm sure many of you have been dying to see, here are multiple pictures of the kiddos!
Cody loves baths. Can't get enough of that smile!

I hadn't taken sleeping pictures of Cody for forever

First watermelon. The first time he was tring to eat it, he had his elbows way out.

Just chillin' in Mom and Dad's bed.

Landon loved those floaties for about 2 mintues. Cody's trying to keep his sunglasses on.

Proof that I have taken the kids swimming this summer. At least once anyways!