Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Time

Here's the update about what's been going on here. We spent Christmas at my family's house (of course we live just 5 minutes away) and then on Christmas night, we caught a flight to John's family's house. We're staying here for a week, thus, no photos because we can't hook up our camera. I'll have to download them when we get back.
For Christmas Eve, we of course had our waffles! Awesome as usual. We read the Christmas story and went out looking at lights. Landon didn't enjoy it much and cried most of the time. He was way too tired. On Christmas morning, we went over to my parents. John and I went all out for eachother. I got him a grill. He had no idea. It was pretty funny. My sister had us for Christmas this year and didn't know what to get him so she helped me out. She bought his grilling utensils and some meat. John was acting all nice about the stuff because meat is not a usual present. I brought out the grill to the front door. He seemed to really like it. We'll have to try it out when we get back. Grill up some good meat! John got me a vacuum, which I did want badly, and an ipod with a armband for it and a stereo to hook it up to. I've been wanting a vacuum badly because our other one sucks, or should I say, doesn't suck! It's a cheapo one from Target that we got when we first got married. I figure if I'm going to vacuum, the carpets should be clean after I'm done! As John put it, this vacuum is the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners. I'm actually excited to try it out. I guess I really don't have a life! :(
So that night, at 7, we caught our flight to San Fran and was picked up by John's mom and dad. We "celebrated" Christmas a little later. It's been fun. We've just been hanging out with his family, shopping, seeing movies, and just having a good time. I've got to say, I'm excited to try out all the fun "toys" I got. I wasn't able to download anything on to my ipod because we didn't have enough time. We'll be going home on New Year's Day in the morning. We figure everyone will be sleeping in so hopefully the airport won't be too busy.
I hope you all have been having a great time! Merry Christmas everybody.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Claus

We had our Christmas party last night. It went sorta late and Landon was getting hungry so we weren't sure how he was going to react when we put him on Santa's lap. He almost looked like he was going to lose it but than he looked at me and just started smiling so I just started clicking away. So far, he's not scared of Santa. We probably won't get as good of a picture with him next year when he'll actually be scared of strangers but for this year, he's smiling!! You don't know how excited I was to get a good picture of him with Santa.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Time

Get ready for the coolest looking little cakes. Can you just imagine how good they're going to look? I went to Hobby Lobby today with a friend and I thought these were just too cool. I bought little icing things too. In case you can't make out what they are, the red one is Santa Claus and the green ones are weaths. They're like these plastic muffin containers. Well, that's what they remind me of. You can just pop the little cake out .... hopefully. I'm so excited to start all those fun Christmas traditions. My favorite tradition is that we always have waffles on Christmas Eve and then go look at the lights. I don't think we've ever missed a year! I'd love to hear what your favorite traditions are. I think it would be nice if John and I had our own traditions too so maybe if we like yours, we'll use it as ours! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We stayed here in Albuquerque with my side of the family. I made my first homemade pumpkin and apple pies! John helped with the pumpkin pie. I was pretty proud of myself although it took a lot longer than I expected. My two sisters, Shana and Courtney came in town so I was able to hang out with them all week! It was fun. We of course watched the BYU vs UTAH game. Go BYU!!! Here are some pics from our week. Of course all of them have Landon in it.

These couple pictures were taken the Sat. before Thanksgiving. He was having a grand ol' time on the bed. He almost looks like he's modeling. Don't you love his lips in the second pic? He looks like he's sticking them out to make them look bigger.
Landon and Daisy are always playing together. Landon tries to grab her chin hairs. Daisy's really good with Landon. Whenever he grabs her, she just tries to paw him off and licks his hand. I can't wait until he's a little boy and they run around together.
While we were shopping, Landon was with John and he was a rolling Fiend! He really hasn't rolled too much so this was exciting stuff for him. In the first picture, you can see how far he's moved - John placed the toy at Landon's starting point. Landon probably would've gone further, but you can see that the desk halted his progress.
You can't tell but it's snowing. We were having lovely weather up until Thanksgiving. It was in the low 70's/high 60's until the past weekend. We got snow on Black Friday!
He got tired a lot but didn't want to miss out on anything that was going on. He only slept when people were holding him.

His new hat and gloves.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Here's Landon sitting up in his boppy. Doesn't he look so proud of himself? This is an accomplishment since he doesn't do much else!
Here he is with his favorite mommy! (Do you like the drool in the second picture?)

Here he is playing with Daddy. What's that on the top of his head???


It looks good enough to eat. I think I'll try it!

Here's Landon trying to eat Daddy again. He loves grabbing at things on your face like eyes!

He's growing up so fast. It's funny because when he was a newborn I was always thinking I never wanted him to get older because THIS was the perfect age. Every week it seems like I'm thinking that THAT week is the perfect age and I don't want him to get any bigger or older. With each week that passes by, I think that he gets cuter! Sorry for all the pics. We went picture crazy one night! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

So in a previous blog I wrote about how my favorite time with Landon is in the morning. Well, here he is again in my bed and fast asleep. He reminded me of such a little boy with his hands over the sheet. He's been thrown off by the time change and I never know if he's going to want to sleep in a little more or if he's up for the morning. Oh, so Landon is saying "dada". Of course not really. It's really more like dadada dadadadadaDAdadaDADAda but John would like to think that he already knows his Dad!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Here's when Landon finally got his leg over the other. We were really hoping that he'd roll over but he didn't this time. He was just content to roll his legs back and forth.

John's already trying to teach Landon how to pray. ;) Really John was holding Landon up on his knees and then he noticed the way he was holding him looked like he was praying. Doesn't he look cute though "praying"?
Landon's become a lot more interested on the toys on his exersaucer. He loves that rolly thing. Plus, it gives me time to do something without feeling bad that I'm ignoring him! We both win!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Landon has discovered his toes, finally! He sorta grabbed at his feet but usually would pull his legs up by his shins. He's now looking at his toes though and grabbing them up towards his face.

Also, Landon rolled over from front to back for the first time on Saturday. However, neither John nor I actually saw it. John just noticed that Landon was all of a sudden on his stomach.

One more thing that Landon has finally noticed is that Daisy moves around and he'll actually follow her to see where she goes. He also grabs at her chin hairs when she comes over to lick his hand. Daisy's been really good with Landon though. Whenever Landon grabs her chin hairs, I usually catch her making quiet whines and pawing at his hand gently. It's so cute! Some day soon though, Daisy isn't going to be going anywhere near Landon.

This past Friday was John's birthday. So on his birthday, we went over to some friends house to have dinner and play games. It's been a long time since we've just played some games. We were up late for us married folks! We were playing till 11. I don't think Landon was so happy for us but he got over it. He was actually pretty good so I can't complain. On Saturday, my parents took us out to Texas Roadhouse for both of our birthdays, John's is on the 2nd and mind is on the 7th. It's our favorite place in the whole wide world! Mmmmmm. This picture is actually the Texas Roadhouse in Albuquerque. For your birthday you have to get on a saddle. Sadly, I was holding Landon so John had to be the one to get on the saddle. I was actually sad I didn't have the camera so I could take a picture and blog it!

For your viewing pleasure, here's Landon laughing. Just random I know.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Landon was a little bear for Halloween thanks to Tami for the costume. We went to a Trunk or Treat before Halloween to show off his costume because we weren't going to be Trick or Treating with him. I figure he's a little young for that. Sadly, on Halloween, no one came to the door so we have all this leftover candy!!! But besides that, Landon sure made a cute looking bear, don't you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

I go to this muscle hour class on most Saturday mornings, or at least I try. It's my time to just be by myself and workout and John's chance to take care of Landon on his own. He enjoys the time with Landon and I enjoy going solo somewhere. Even though I'm gone for just a little over an hour, Daisy was waiting for me to come back from class this past Saturday. John just thought it was cute that she was waiting for me and missing me. Ahhh, I have the best dog ever!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Green Beans

Landon ate his first food (besides rice cereal) this week. He's still trying to figure out how to keep it in his mouth. He seemed to like the green beans even better than rice cereal.
This picture just cracks my up. He looks like he has a tiny mustache and goatee.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


My parents and I went to Austin this past weekend. It was nice having people to travel with because of Landon. We went to Austin to see my niece, Riley, get sealed to my brother and sister-in-law and for the blessing. It was great to go out there and visit them. I figured since John was in Germany, I should go somewhere too so I did! My niece is only 7 weeks older than Landon but she's far ahead of him on motor skills. She's already been crawling for a couple weeks now! All Landon does is lay around. Boy is he behind! It was funny to watch them together because Landon is bigger than her but doesn't do anything while she's this tiny little thing crawling around and pulling herself up. What was really funny is when she got really excited, because she had pulled herself up into a standing position, she would squeal/scream. It was probably funnier for me and my parents than for my brother and sister-in-law because they have to hear that every single day while we just had to deal with that sound for a couple of days.
Here's my Mom in Heaven
Here's My Brother and His Family on the Sealing Day (isn't her dress amazingly cute???!!!)
Landon's wondering what's going on and why the attention isn't on him.
Landon was tuckered out from all the fun he'd been having.
Riley beating up Landon
So we went to this bridge because there's a huge colony of bats that live under there. They are supposed to come out a little after sunset in a big cloud. However, this night, we didn't see them at all. Maybe next time.
It's really hard to get a picture of them both looking AND smiling at the camera but I got it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Waking Up

When Landon wakes up, he's always in a good mood. I decided to sneak in with a camera and take a short video of him in his crib.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Landon was born with a ton of hair. We would always joke that at 3 weeks, we were going to be cutting it. He has been long overdue for a haircut. The back of his hair was looking so nappy and his hair has been outrageous lately. So, tonight was the night. On his 5 month birthday, me and my parents thought it'd be a good time to finally cut it. We're going to Austin this weekend for a sealing so we wanted him to look nice for it! Do you know how hard it is to cut a babies hair? They don't like to stay still and they get upset when you try and make them stay still. He was a good sport though and my Mom did a great job. He looks like a little gentleman and now, I think I can manage his hair! What a difference. Here are the results.


and After

Saturday, October 13, 2007


It's my brother Scott's birthday today. He's 27!

The Top 10 Reasons Why My Brother's Awesome

10)He's an engineer following family tradition

9)He's a dog person

8)He writes funny emails

7)He makes great blogs

6)He's smarter than I are

5)All reports indicate Scot will remain in school till he's 40

4)He married Becca

3)He has .... "the knack"

2)His name rhymes with Pottie (and Snottie)


1)He's my only brother

Great Great Relatives!

My Great Aunt Norma and Uncle Dick came in town for a short visit for the balloon fiesta. After they went in the morning to see the balloons, we went out for brunch. Landon was on his best behavior (except towards the end as you can tell). It was so good to see them since we don't see them very often because they live in Delaware. So for Landon, these were his great Great Aunt and Uncle that he got to visit with.

And here's one with Uncle Dick holding Landon

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just Hanging

Landon was being a little fussy but I was trying to get stuff done so I sat him up on the couch and he thought that was funny.