Wednesday, July 25, 2012

While John's in Tahoe!

John's at his annual family trip in Tahoe and he decided to surprise me on Sunday that he'd be taking Carly with him. It is surprising how much easier it is to go do things with 2 kids compared to 3! The boys can get dressed on their own, do things that I asked them to do, there's no diapers involved, and they play wonderfully together. So, for the first full day with the boys, we did a lot of stuff and it seemed like we could just pick up and go. No worries about getting Carly ready and grabbing diapers and wipes and other things. First, the zoo, then Chick Fila, then nap time (cause Cody was T.I.R.E.D!), then the pool and watching a show while I got dinner ready. Last, we had a great bubble bath. What a fun day for them!
At the zoo looking at the Humongous tortoise.
Feeding the ducks and fish at the zoo cause that's a must. I love Landon's throwing style! 
And where do we end up the longest at the zoo? The play area which also has a little water spray thing. Cody ventured in first and Landon finally decided to give it a go after we had decided to go so we had to go back. They both got very wet and only ended up with one kid (Landon) crying cause he got water in his face. I knew that would happen. 
Falling asleep at Chick Fila. I took the picture then put my phone down and woke him up so he would fall into the table.
I LOVE floaties!
Playing with bubbles.
I'd say a pretty good day for the boys.

June and July 2012

We have been having a low key summer after the big trips we went on.  We haven't been up to much but have had my sisters come and visit which has been awesome! For some reason though, I never get pictures with one of my sisters! So she was there! Just no pictures. :(
Watering the dirt. We didn't have plants just yet. 
Can you believe they're all looking at the camera and smiling? Only picture out of multiple ones taken! They love their Aunt Courtney so much. I think it's because she'll play with them no matter what!
Climbing trees.
They just looked so darn cute for church one day! It's hard to get them all looking this cute for 9 o'clock church. So I had to get this moment on camera.
Their best 4th of July shot.
Landon getting his flouride treatment. I kept taking pictures so he would be more entertained than scared about having that huge thing in his mouth.
At a friends house. Carly was freezing later on but refused to get out. She is a huge  fish!
Just playing! 
I think they're sharing that drink because I was too lazy to go and refill one of their drinks.
Ummmm, Cody likes to hang his stuffed animals by their tails. Should I be concerned? 
All these kids love yogurt!! So between John and 3 kids, we go through at least 4 yogurts a day. I know getting a bigger containered yogurt would save more money but this way, the boys can go downstairs while I'm sleeping and get their own yogurt. I can continue sleeping and the boys don't bother me to get some food. It's worth it!
I have a ton of pictures of Landon petting Daisy and talking with her too. This one, he's telling Daisy about the show they're watching. It's just too cute!
I think we need another bike!! This one is supposed to be Cody's!
I still love sleeping pictures!
I think it's funny that they think they're so funny.
And yet another sleeping picture. She looks so dainty.
Alright, I'm done updating all the normal things we've done for the last couple months which have consisted in eating yogurt, wading in a small pool, being funny (or thinking they're being funny), and sleeping. Pretty much, we haven't been up to much!