Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A couple weeks ago, we went to Florida for my cousins wedding. It was me, John, and Carly! The boys were left at home with my in-laws. They all had fun, we had fun, it all worked out great! I feel like you just live in a bathing suit in Florida (besides the part for thewedding! :) ). It was a lot of fun. The wedding was great,the reception was fun, and hanging out with family was a blast!
The happy couple
Saying goodbye to Florida!

Carly's 6 month

Stop!!! Can't time just stand still? I swear I just had a baby! And now, she's playing with toys, laughing like crazy at her brothers, working a crowd, and soon to be crawling! WHAT?? She's a cutie! I just went to her appointment and she has shrunk! Well, not really but we had to measure her again because my pediatrician said she couldn't have really shrunk like it said. She's, I think, in the 50% for height (see, shrinking from 95%) and she's 10% for weight. She has seemed toslow down in the growing department. She was only a whopping 14 pounds and at her last appointment she was 13.8 pounds.
She has been teething this last month like crazy. I actually think that there may be teeth coming in actually soon! I'm thinking this month it's finally her month to get teeth. She's starting to really play with her toys. Well, that means, sticking them in her mouth to chew on them. She LOVES her brothers and laughs at them all the time. She's sleeping better during the day and pretty much sleeps only in her crib and in the car seat while she's in the car. She loves to sleep on her side and she "talks" a lot. I love having alittle girl to dress up. I sometimes take more time figuring out what she's going to wear than I take for myself! I have to make sure her bow matches!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Landon turns 4

I have a 4 year old! Crazy! I'm in awe at how much he's grown and how much he knows! He's a really smart kid and he surprises me all the time. He's trying to read all the time. He just did a drawing of me which was hilarious. I had a teeny tiny head with a box for a body. He's telling stories now, just gave his first talk in primary, and trying to play tennis and basketball. He loves so many thing! Reading, books, his Book of Mormon, telling stories about Sho Sho, his brother, his sister, climbing trees ... I could go on and on!
He had a birthday party. I thought he was so funny when he opened his presents. He was all excited about each thing he got. He was really excited about having all his friends over. I made up a "Super Why" story that I read to them and we found super letters. I think the kids enjoyed it and I got to make myself look crazy! My sister and I made rainbow cupcakes and for snacks, they were all fairytale related. We had Peter Cottontails tail (big marshmallows), twizzlers (Rappunzel's hair), gummy bears (The 3 Bears), deviled eggs (HumptyDumpty's great fall), circus animal cookies (Dumbo's circus), gumdrops (Hansel and Gretals snack), and we were supposed to have apples for Snow White but forgot.
Weight: 43.4 pounds (50%)
Height: 40 inches (95-97%)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 2011

The big news is that Landon now sleeps on the top bunk! He has been so excited about it and shows anyone who comes over. Every night he's gone to bed telling me he's excited about sleeping on the top. Do you like the make shift ladder climbing "preventer"? Cody kept wanting to climb up it that night. It has sense been removed. Also, Carly now sleeps with them. 3 kids in one room! It's actually fantastic!!! They all sleep great and we have our loft back.
This was before he got his top bunk. I came upstairs one night and this is how we found him! He did not want to go to bed this night.
Cody shopping with me. He loves his hood on. And he loves the car slippers.
And on nice days, we've gone to the park and hung out with friends there.
Besides that, it's been pretty much the same. I did put my gym membership on hold because I wanted to hang out with my kids more! Since my gym is a little expensive, I found that I was going almost every day for a couple of hours to make the most of it. However, if someone wanted to do something in the mornings, the gym always came first. Instead of letting my kids do fun things with their friends, I was making come to the gym with me. So, April was the first month I put it on hold. It's been nice! So much more time in the mornings although I can't say it's always spent wisely!
Just a little about the kids so I don't forget some things:
Landon has been getting along great with Carly and Cody. He tries to help out Cody all the time. In the mornings, they usually sneak downstairs and eat some yogurt together.
This month, Cody's talking has gotten even better. He will and can say just about everything. He speaks in one word full sentences (if that makes sense). Like today, I walked in during nap time and he immediately closed his eyes tight and said "I'm. Closing. My. Eyes." in the cutest voice ever!!! He could get away with anything he's so dang cute!
And Carly, well, she's trying to eat her fingers most the time and if her toes are available, she'll go after those too. She also likes making lots of noise, loves smiling and laughing, and is just the cutest baby ever (you know in that way you just want to squish their little faces to the point where they start crying)!!!! (as I'm writing this, she is giving me her best smiles and laughs! and noises)


I would have tons of pictures if we weren't filming both of our children during the Easter egg hunt. I had John's phone and he had the camera so we could both film Landon and Cody separately. A little much? Maybe. But it was 5 minutes of cuteness with Cody for me! We would help him find eggs and point to them and he would just say, "ooOOOooh" (The capital O is for when his voice would go all high). He has the funniest way of talking. If you ever talked on the phone with him, you know what I mean. Landon was very happy to help Cody find some of the eggs too. It would have been smart of me to get a picture of them with their Easter baskets after but I wasn't that smart so you will just have to trust me that they looked cute in their outfits and their Easter egg hunt was the best!
On Easter, we were lucky enough to have Elder Cook come to speak with out stake! It was so great! I was really nervous because I was playing piano ("He is Risen") for the choir and the piece was a little hard. Not to mention, it was for a whole lot more people than normal and a General Authority was there! Amazingly, it went better than I could have hoped for and it was great! I was relieved that we did the piece in the beginning of the meeting so I was able to sit with my family for the remainder of it. I had a couple people come up to me after and say, "well, I knew you played, I just didn't know you were good!" I thought I was just really lucky to have played as well as I did with being so nervous. The week before, we had our ward Easter program. I played for a couple people and sang a song called "I Have Not Seen, Yet I Believe". It's a beautiful piece!
I think Landon is getting the true meaning of Easter. Teaching Cody and Landon about the Resurrection just reaffirms that I know that he lived! That he died for all of us and was resurrected. That he now lives. I love the scriptures that say, "Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen". It is amazing to hear Landon tell Cody that Jesus died for us so that we could live again.