Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

So although I've lived here all my life, I didn't know that there was a big pumpkin patch on the other side of the mountain!!!! So that is what we did this Saturday. It's actually quite a drive but I felt it was pretty worth it. Landon really enjoyed it. He had a ton of fun. He even tried to get a closer look at the goats! He also LOVED all the balls around! Yeah, that's what he was calling all the pumpkins. And of course he wanted to play with them. He couldn't pick them up but that didn't mean he didn't try!

Here's Landon and John on the hayride to get our pumpkin and Landon trying to pick up a "ball".

John ropin' a cow and Landon trying to get in with the goats.

I needed a picture with me in it and I know John is talking in the picture but I'm smiling in it so too bad!

Here are just some funny pictures of Landon. He loves getting in the laundry basket now (those are clean clothes). He also loves his sunglasses. He feels so cool with them on and keeps them on in the car sometimes!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Balloon Fiesta

This was John's first Balloon Fiesta. We went the very first day, Saturday. Good thing too since Sunday was a wash out and the next weekend wasn't very good for ballooning either! Saturday was the perfect day to go. We ended up taking off our jackets it got that warm! It was a great morning. We saw the Darth Vader balloon get inflated and take off. We should have figured out that that was the balloon we were going to see since they had storm troopers and Darth Vader there!!! We were early enough to see the dawn patrol which was really pretty. Thursday morning, we went to John's work where we sat in the parking lot (since it's right across from the balloon fiesta field) and had breakfast burritos. You have to eat breakfast burritos when you go to the balloon fiesta. Thursday was the special shapes day. We have TONS of pictures but I'm not going to post them because it would be an even longer post then this already is.

Us getting out picture taken with Darth Vader and a storm trooper. It was crazy! You had to hurry to get your picture taken because there were lots of people wanting pictures.
John having his important breakfast burrito (a must have).
Here's the Darth Vader balloon we saw getting inflated. I wanted John to at least see how they did it.
Balloons galore. John told me that the ones I took last year for him while he was in Germany, just didn't do it justice, and it doesn't. It's amazing to see so many balloons in the air. The count this year was around 620 balloonists. A little low they said.
The dawn patrol lighting up.

Honeywell Party

John's company had their yearly Honeywell party. It was down at the State Fair Grounds. They had hot dogs and hamburgers along with snow cones and cotton candy. Landon refused to try the cotton candy! I really wanted to see what he'd think of it. John really enjoyed the blow up play centers they had! He just when on each one once just to see how it was. :)

Good Ol' Pete

Continuing with tennis, we went to an exhibition match with Pete Sampras and Sam Querrey. It was amazing seeing Pete Sampras play! We were so excited to see him. We were both a little star struck. He was still so good and he had a great sense of humor. Sam Querry is an up and comer and actually played and lost to Nadal in the US Open. Tickets weren't too bad priced but it ended up that one person was giving away a ticket so we took that and then someone else sold us one of their tickets so we ended up with not bad seats for real cheap! Sorry about the pictures. They didn't turn out too great but here they are.
Pete's in the gray, Sam in the yellow.
Here we are enjoying the game.
There he is waving to us! Not too clearly but that's what that is.
For those of you who are fans, here's Pete doing what he does best. The serve and volley. He made it look so easy.