Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Balloon Fiesta

This was John's first Balloon Fiesta. We went the very first day, Saturday. Good thing too since Sunday was a wash out and the next weekend wasn't very good for ballooning either! Saturday was the perfect day to go. We ended up taking off our jackets it got that warm! It was a great morning. We saw the Darth Vader balloon get inflated and take off. We should have figured out that that was the balloon we were going to see since they had storm troopers and Darth Vader there!!! We were early enough to see the dawn patrol which was really pretty. Thursday morning, we went to John's work where we sat in the parking lot (since it's right across from the balloon fiesta field) and had breakfast burritos. You have to eat breakfast burritos when you go to the balloon fiesta. Thursday was the special shapes day. We have TONS of pictures but I'm not going to post them because it would be an even longer post then this already is.

Us getting out picture taken with Darth Vader and a storm trooper. It was crazy! You had to hurry to get your picture taken because there were lots of people wanting pictures.
John having his important breakfast burrito (a must have).
Here's the Darth Vader balloon we saw getting inflated. I wanted John to at least see how they did it.
Balloons galore. John told me that the ones I took last year for him while he was in Germany, just didn't do it justice, and it doesn't. It's amazing to see so many balloons in the air. The count this year was around 620 balloonists. A little low they said.
The dawn patrol lighting up.


Kerstin Miller said...

looks like lots of fun!

Courtney said...

pictures really don't do it justice... i miss the balloon fiesta!

Kindt, Alyssa, Jakob, and Channing said...

Thats awesome!! One day I will come and see the balloon festival!! How are you feeling?

Cheryl said...

That makes me so homesick!

Cheryl said...

I hope you don't mind! I just thought it was funny. Definitely send over any pics you have of Blake when you get the chance!

Laura said...

I miss the Balloon Fiesta!!!