Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spring is my favorite season but I may be turned into a huge fan of fall!! The crispness in the air is amazing! The colors are riveting. I love raking! You may be asking "Who the heck likes to rake!!" Well, I do. There's something about raking all the leaves up and seeing the clean grass underneath.

Most days after Landon and Cody's naps, we go for a walk around the neighborhood. Landon loves picking up all the leaves. He'll grab one and show me and say, "Neaf, neaf", until I say, "Yes, leaf. Lllllllll eaf." All the L's are because I'm really trying to get him to say things correctly. He's becoming obsessed with leaves and likes to bring them into the house. Yeah! Dead leaves on my floor and counters! What mother wouldn't love that. Such festive decorations.

(If you can't tell what he's doing, he's throwing a stick/leaf in the air. The excitement!!)

Fall is also the time when all the holidays begin!! Here in New Mexico, the balloon fiesta starts off the season. I swear every single year, when the balloon fiesta starts, it gets cold! It's the official beginning of fall. I didn't think anything of it until I took the boys to John's work. They have a breakfast on the special shapes day of the fiesta. The smell of breakfast burritos in the air and the chill got me so excited for fall to be here. Then, after the balloons had moved on, we started to leave. But what's that across the way? The beaver balloon had just landed!! We hopped out of the car and Landon got to stomp on the balloon with all the other kids to get the air out. The balloon crew was incredibly sweet. I think the beaver balloon will now always hold a special place in our hearts.

(These balloons were so close to eachother and no, my hair isn't that staticky. It's a dead tree behind me.)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their fall. I know I am and I'm looking forward to all the holidays!! Maybe this year I'll actually decorate since I never do. HAPPY AUTUMN!

Much Love,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Under Construction?

Blog I have missed you! I wish that I had a good excuse as to why I haven't written on you such as, "Hey, you're under construction", or "I didn't have access to a computer because I was on a super amazing vacation on a deserted island". Alas, my excuse is always the same. I'm busy. I need to visit you more often. You help me remember all the milestones in my kids lives! Without you, I have no idea when my kids do things and I will forget. I promise to make more time for you! That's a pinky promise.