Sunday, April 17, 2011

5 Months Old

I can't believe how fast time is going! I can't believe that Carly is already 5 months! I need to tell her to stop growing. She's getting so big. She rolled over from back to front this month although now she has seemed to have forgotten how to roll over from front to back. She likes to be held, like all the time! We think she's teething this last week because she either wants to be eating or sucking on her hand, or chewing a blanket and when she's not, she's upset. Landon is actually the best person to get her to laugh. Cody can also make her laugh just not as much as Landon. It's funny because if another kid does the exact same thing that Landon did to make her laugh, she usually starts crying. There's something about siblings where she doesn't mind them getting right in her face or playing with her arms and legs. But if you're any other kid, she's not going to like that!
She is so cute! We love having 3 kids. It is so much fun! Although, I do have to say, with more kids, I don't get to spend as much time with her alone as I'd like to but at least I know that Landon and Cody get to spend time with her when I'm not. And now what I know you've all been dying for ... pictures!
I just think she's adorable when she's sleeping!!!
Keeping her thumb close by
You can't tell too well but Cody is patting her back. They were enjoying each other's company.
She's was going to town on her toes one day. She was getting really good at sucking that big toe.
2 things she loves: Daddy and baths!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

All About Cody

Cody has not gotten much love on the blog so this post is all about Cody! He's almost 2 1/2. He just barely started saying words but once he started, he says anything you tell him to! The way he talks is hilarious to me. I need to record it so I never forget it. It's like he's talking in one-word sentences to make a whole sentence. For example: If we're going to my parents house he'll say, "Going?... Granddaddy's?... Grandmommy's?... House?" It's quite cute. He's very kind, well that is when he's not hitting Landon for kicks and giggles. He's still very stubborn and will sit in time-out for 30 minutes and still not apologize to his brother. When Landon gets in trouble and is sitting in time-out, he usually goes over to him to make him feel better and play with him. He loves holding Carly but only for short spurts of time. He likes to put underwear over his diaper but is not ready to be potty trained we discovered. He can take off and put on all his clothes and hates it when you try and fix his backwards shirt or pants so half the time he's wearing his clothes backwards. His favorite things to do it play with his trains, ride on his little car, and play with Landon.
He's Stylin'!
He's Smooth!
He knows how to relax and take it easy.
He's just a fun kid! And so freakin' adorable!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arizona - Feb. 2011

Did I tell you about the time I went to AZ in February? No? Oh yeah, that's because I didn't and I'm behind!! My friend from college, Alyssa (same people we went to Boston with) was going to be visiting her Dad in Mesa. She's from Wisconsin. So being that she'd only be about 6-7 hours away, I hopped in my car and drove over with the kids. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, deciding where to eat (Cafe Rio, Chick-Fila), where to shop (IKEA!), and where to take our kids. We have another friend, Mandi, who lives out there too so we spent a couple days seeing her too. One day we just all hung out at her place and the other day we all went to the zoo. You should have seen us all at the zoo. 3 moms and like 9 kids. Pretty impressive! John came out later in the week because his brother and sister-in-law (Jen) were out there too in Scottsdale. Jen has a gallery show that she does out there every year. I was super excited to see her art. Landon was soooo excited about her puzzles which she gave to him as a present!!! Those are the puzzles he has been doing. It was a good little week trip, and the kids did amazing in the car. One main stop to get lunch, feed Carly, go to the bathroom, and we were good to go! And I swear, me, Alyssa, and Mandi were there! We just didn't get any pictures of us!
These girls loved looking at Carly (and holding her). On the left, Brooklynn who's only a little older than Landon. On the right, Emalin who's almost 2.
At the zoo. The "famous" twins who are only a couple months younger than Landon.
Rub-a-dub-dub 5 kids in a tub
The Gallery
Going miniature golfing. Landon wasn't too bad. Cody still needs to work on not picking up his ball and placing it in the hole. But he had fun!
I just thought these series of pictures were funny. It was so hard to get a good photo! Didn't get one!

4 Months

So I'm just now getting to writing about Carly's 4th month. Better late than never! At the doctors, she was in the 95% for her height and 50% for her weight. She's tall and skinny. I've actually had someone come up to me and say, "How old is she, like 8 months?" I think not! She's still my little baby albeit a slightly taller one with crazy stability! The doctor was impressed how easily she got up when he was lifting her up with just her hands. She loves to be sitting up in your arms and I usually carry her around on my hip. She started to arch her back when she knows you're going to pick her up. She loves to talk and make strange noises. Landon can make her laugh like none other! He'll do something funny to get her started and then he will demand that she laugh every time he does it again. She can't get enough of her hands! She loves to suck on them and chew on them. She will also chew on anyone else's fingers if you allow her to. The day before she turned 4 months, she rolled over for us (front to back) on camera! It was all very exciting although Carly was quite shocked at what had just happened. She ate rice cereal on her 4 month birthday although her first "real food" was fed to her by her Grandmommy. Some whipped cream off of a shake.
Now here are some pictures of her fourth month.
I LOVE sleeping pictures still!
Her 1st official taste of something other than milk!
Sometimes I have to tell Landon to stop bothering his sister! Seriously, I'll find him dragging her by the feet, laying on top of her, trying to pick her up! I think he's going to hurt her and then she starts laughing so I guess she's okay. (Man, Landon looks so old in the pic where he's holding her!)
Here he is trying to explain a game from my phone to her. She's watching it very intently which I think Landon liked it.
Her 4 month was on St. Patrick's day so here she is dressed in her green.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Food

I've always had my kids eat rice cereal on their "4 month birthday". Sorta just a fun thing I make sure they've all done. Since then, I can count on my hand how many times she has had rice cereal! We aren't too strict about it around here. These were the pictures I took in between videos of her trying to figure out what she was supposed to do with this stuff in her mouth!
Huh, it's not too bad!
I think my hand tastes better though.