Saturday, April 9, 2011

All About Cody

Cody has not gotten much love on the blog so this post is all about Cody! He's almost 2 1/2. He just barely started saying words but once he started, he says anything you tell him to! The way he talks is hilarious to me. I need to record it so I never forget it. It's like he's talking in one-word sentences to make a whole sentence. For example: If we're going to my parents house he'll say, "Going?... Granddaddy's?... Grandmommy's?... House?" It's quite cute. He's very kind, well that is when he's not hitting Landon for kicks and giggles. He's still very stubborn and will sit in time-out for 30 minutes and still not apologize to his brother. When Landon gets in trouble and is sitting in time-out, he usually goes over to him to make him feel better and play with him. He loves holding Carly but only for short spurts of time. He likes to put underwear over his diaper but is not ready to be potty trained we discovered. He can take off and put on all his clothes and hates it when you try and fix his backwards shirt or pants so half the time he's wearing his clothes backwards. His favorite things to do it play with his trains, ride on his little car, and play with Landon.
He's Stylin'!
He's Smooth!
He knows how to relax and take it easy.
He's just a fun kid! And so freakin' adorable!!!

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Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Oh, he is just so so so cute!