Sunday, April 17, 2011

5 Months Old

I can't believe how fast time is going! I can't believe that Carly is already 5 months! I need to tell her to stop growing. She's getting so big. She rolled over from back to front this month although now she has seemed to have forgotten how to roll over from front to back. She likes to be held, like all the time! We think she's teething this last week because she either wants to be eating or sucking on her hand, or chewing a blanket and when she's not, she's upset. Landon is actually the best person to get her to laugh. Cody can also make her laugh just not as much as Landon. It's funny because if another kid does the exact same thing that Landon did to make her laugh, she usually starts crying. There's something about siblings where she doesn't mind them getting right in her face or playing with her arms and legs. But if you're any other kid, she's not going to like that!
She is so cute! We love having 3 kids. It is so much fun! Although, I do have to say, with more kids, I don't get to spend as much time with her alone as I'd like to but at least I know that Landon and Cody get to spend time with her when I'm not. And now what I know you've all been dying for ... pictures!
I just think she's adorable when she's sleeping!!!
Keeping her thumb close by
You can't tell too well but Cody is patting her back. They were enjoying each other's company.
She's was going to town on her toes one day. She was getting really good at sucking that big toe.
2 things she loves: Daddy and baths!

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Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

SO SO SO CUTE!!!! She will be 6 months in one week?! Where did the time go?