Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Blessing

Today was Cody's blessing. John did a great job! We had my parents come, my in-laws were of course there and a couple other friends came too. Cody was really good for it. He was actually still eating when one of the bishopric announced that we were doing the baby blessing right then! I hurriedly finished him up and he was a perfect angel for it! He listened to every word. Here are some of the pictures we took after church.
Here's the before!
And the after.

Grandma and Grandpa Vranes

My in-laws are in town for Cody's baby blessing. I'll be returning with them on Tuesday to San Francisco for a wedding. Here are some of the things the boys enjoyed doing with their grandparents.
Here's Landon and Grandpa reading. Landon's been really spoiled! Anytime he wanted a book read to him, he got it.

Cody loved sleeping on Grandma.

And Grandma also loved sleeping with him.


Cody started smiling on the 8th of January. To prove it, I would take videos for John since he only smiled during the late morning. Here are some happy smiling pictures of him.

Just Normal

Cody's 2 month appointment was on the 19th. He was something like 12.3 lbs and 23 and something inches. So when I asked the doctor what percentiles he was in, he was 50% for his head, 50% for his height, and 50% for his weight. So I just wanted to show you a picture of an average baby. Here it is.

Your Average Baby

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Boys - Who Else?

So here are some pictures of the last couple of weeks. Cody's starting to smile which is always soooo cute of course! I only have it on video since it's always so fleeting! Half the time you run and get the camera and the moment is over so I've just decided to start video taping it so that John would believe me when I told him he was smiling a ton during the day!
Here's a picture of Landon at a week old
And Cody at like 3 1/2 weeks
I just wanted to compare. Check out the skin tone difference!!!
Today Landon was trying to play with Cody but was practically laying on him and squishing him! I did pull out the camera though to see what I'd get and Landon instantly perked up for the picture.
Look at this little chunker!!! He actually looks sorta funny.
He just looks so complacent. Oh, and since John started swaddling him tight tight, he's been sleeping 6-7 hours at night instead of 3-4!!! LOVING IT!!
So Landon is finally sleeping out of his crib. We need that crib soon for Cody! Here he is on his first night.
And then another night. We're still working on the sleeping IN bed part! Actually he's doing pretty well. Starting the second week!
And here are just some random pictures I think are cute.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We had a great Christmas! We spent it here. It was nice not having to go anywhere and just stay at home. Landon got toys which he LOVES! He pulls them out every day and makes messes all over the house! It was a busy season and part of me is glad to start this new year and get back to "real life" again. I love the Christmas season and everything that goes with it. Everyone's a little happier and friendlier. I already can't wait till next year! It was a busy Christmas season, having Cody and being in charge of the Christmas program for church kept me very busy. I was called to be the Music Chair "person" in like October. A little stressful considering Cody's due date was Dec. 1st and then we ended up having him Nov. 15th! The program was a success! I had people actually show up to the practices! I did bribe with cookies. I made a different kind of cookie every week. Do you know how many different cookies there are? I was so nervous during the program. I thought that I'd forget where I was in the piece while I was conducting it. It was a relief to have it done and also that it sounded good!! At least that's what people said! Anyways, here are our photos from the last couple of weeks.
Landon kissing Cody cause we made him! :)
Christmas Morning. Landon wondering why Cody's on him.
Me and my mom holding Cody.

Landon playing with his new blocks and wanting to play with his finger puppets.

Cody doing what he does best during the day.

Waiting to open Christmas presents. He walked into the room, got right up on the couch and waited for us.

Cody's actually awake!!! I know it's blurry, but we got a picture of him smiling.

And Landon being Landon. He thinks he's the funniest kid in the world! What, you didn't know that??

I hope everyone had a great New Year!