Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Normal

Cody's 2 month appointment was on the 19th. He was something like 12.3 lbs and 23 and something inches. So when I asked the doctor what percentiles he was in, he was 50% for his head, 50% for his height, and 50% for his weight. So I just wanted to show you a picture of an average baby. Here it is.

Your Average Baby


Tami said...

Except you said he sleeps 6-7 hour at night...that is NOT average :) Funny, though! No big head? You actually got a kid with Waye genes?

Jenny said...

Even if his physical stats say he is "average" we know he is a super-genius. Besides, with a dad like John, how could he end up being normal? just kidding