Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Boys - Who Else?

So here are some pictures of the last couple of weeks. Cody's starting to smile which is always soooo cute of course! I only have it on video since it's always so fleeting! Half the time you run and get the camera and the moment is over so I've just decided to start video taping it so that John would believe me when I told him he was smiling a ton during the day!
Here's a picture of Landon at a week old
And Cody at like 3 1/2 weeks
I just wanted to compare. Check out the skin tone difference!!!
Today Landon was trying to play with Cody but was practically laying on him and squishing him! I did pull out the camera though to see what I'd get and Landon instantly perked up for the picture.
Look at this little chunker!!! He actually looks sorta funny.
He just looks so complacent. Oh, and since John started swaddling him tight tight, he's been sleeping 6-7 hours at night instead of 3-4!!! LOVING IT!!
So Landon is finally sleeping out of his crib. We need that crib soon for Cody! Here he is on his first night.
And then another night. We're still working on the sleeping IN bed part! Actually he's doing pretty well. Starting the second week!
And here are just some random pictures I think are cute.


Dan said...

I'll have to make sure Jessica sees how much Landon moves around in bed so maybe she'll cut me some slack. I have finally found someone that moves around more than me:)

Kerstin Miller said...

cute.cute.cute. Your boys are getting so big!

Andrea Marie Photo said...

Omigosh, Cody is such a handsome baby!! It must be so fun to have those two boys! : ) : )

Dev/Meg said...

Your boys are adorable. I'm glad John sent Devin your blog address so we can see how you guys are doing. Congrats on the little one sleeping so well already!

Kindt, Alyssa, Jakob, and Channing said...

Cute pics!! We swaddled the boys forever and they loved it, it really helped with them sleeping. Im glad you are getting more sleep! Your boys are adorable!!