Sunday, June 8, 2008

We have an official due date. We had our ultrasound on Monday and they told us December 1st! Right in between the holidays. I'm actually excited because John gets 2 weeks off for Christmas so he'll be able to help a little more. Anyways, here are some pics from the last couple weeks, all of course of Landon! Duh!
Here he is in his front facing car seat. He's been in it for a while but he just loves being in there with his hat on. Lately though, he has learned how to take his hat off and then gets all ticked off that the sun is getting in his eyes! I then attempt to put his hat back on and he takes it off again thinking, this is great fun, and once again, the sun is back in his eyes. Smart kid.
Okay, so I think I make a pretty good homeade mac & cheese and I gotta say, I made one of my best batches yet the other day. It's all in the correct amount of Velveeta Cheese (not too much but not too little) and the cooking time. It's got to be perfect! Well, we let Landon just go to town. He had it on his arms, of course his face, in his hair, and even up his nose a little. He ate so much and so fast! He ate like he was starving. John was even worried that he was eating too much. He ate as much as me. We've got another little John on our hands. I can't to see how much he'll eat when he's a teenager!! We'll have to make like Beans and Rice and other big and simple meals like that just to make enough food!
Landon loves going outside. After dinner most days, we water the flowers. He loves to go out in the yard and play around. One of those days, I went in real quick to the kitchen. I come back out and he's holding, in both hands mind you, Daisy's poop! At first I thought he had eaten some!!! I was freaking out and Landon wasn't too happy that we had to go inside and thoughouly wash his hands. Ahhh, good times.

You think it's time for a haircut?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day

Okay, so I'm behind ... again! On Memorial Day, we hung out with my Dad. We decided we were going to BBQ like everyone else in the world but beforehand, we went Geocaching. If you've never gone, it's really fun. It's like going on a treasure hunt with your GPS!
This was the first cache we found. It was in two parts. The first part of the clue was to follow a set of coordinates that led us to a "number." What we were led to was a bridge which had a small plaque with an 800 phone number on it. The clue told us how to decipher the plaque to obtain the next coordinates. The coordinates from the plaque brought to the cache - a box hanging from the bottom of a bench! It was crazy that no one had ever just happened on it! Inside the box were some knickknacks plus a notebook to write down that you were there and what knickknacks you swapped.
Our second cache again in two parts, and much harder to find. This guy was good. The initial coordinates brought us to this doggy bag holder. We couldn't find anything! My dad looked underneath and found a bottle cap that had been attached with a magnet. The bottle cap had the next coordinates on it.

Now this next part may look easy to find but it blended in so well! We were looking all around this electrical box and couldn't find anything. My dad, again, just started feeling around and thought that it looked a little out of place. Sure enough, it was attached with magnets and there was this tiny little book in there to write down that you were there.
So overall, a very fun day. It was way hot so when we got back home, it was nice to just relax and eat. I hope everyone else had a great day!!