Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Pictures Trom The iphone

So I was finally able to get the pitiful photo of Landon in the hospital off my phone but here are pictures of the before and after. He wasn't even acting too sick!
Here he is playing with his ball "watching" TV. Mind you, the only thing he'll watch is Basketball and we had to make him lay down.

Here's in the hospital. Doesn't this just break your heart??? He was sooooo upset about the red thing (for checking his oxygen) on his toe and the IV in his hand. Everytime he'd look at it, he'd start crying again!! Pictures did not cheer him up.
And here's him the next morning. We had been in the hospital till about 4 that morning and Landon walked on into our room at around 8:45. All John said was, "You've got to be Freakin' Kidding me!" Oh, and he was acting TOTALLY fine!

And here's just another cute pic of Cody I took on my phone. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Febrile Seizures

A couple weeks ago Landon was pretty sick. He had a fever on Saturday and ended up having a seizure! It was so freaky. He had a low grade fever all day but after his nap, it was really high. We gave him tylenol and he was acting completely normal. We were trying to get him to lay down and take it easy but he was playing and running around. Towards the evening, he was getting tired and I got him ready for bed while John was gone picking up ice cream for Landon sense we thought he had a sore throat. I was holding Landon on my shoulder when he started "shivering". I thought he was cold so I started wrapping a blanket around him when I took a look at him. It didn't even look like him. Well, I called 911, called John, and tried to make sure that Landon didn't swallow his tongue. Well, I guess febrile seizures are quite common among children ages 0-5 or 6.  Anyways, he was totally fine. We did get diverted to a different hospital because he wasn't coming to as quickly as they would have liked. It was a long night but Landon's fine. So, just so everyone knows, seizures are common when accompanied with a fever and the child is younger than 6. My pediatrician said they shouldn't last longer than 5-10 minutes and they should come around 15-20 minutes after they're seizure. Landon's seizure was a little more concerning because it took about 45 minutes for him to start really tracking people and acting like himself.

So, just in case your child has a seizure, it's "normal". Although if Landon had another one, I'd still probably freak out a little again. But Landon is running amuck! I did take a picture on my iphone in the hospital but I don't know how to download it. We were trying to make him happy because he likes taking pictures so we thought he'd smile. However, it was the most pitiful picture I've ever seen of him! He looks so sad but so cute at the same time!!! Maybe I'll post it if I can get it off my phone.