Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July

I'm just now getting to our 4th of July! We had a great and fun day. I worked out in the morning and then came back and grabbed the family to go to a gym BBQ. It was a blast! The boys had so much fun swimming with their Daddy and Carly hung out in the stroller with me. Afterwards, we went home, took naps and then went over to my parents to enjoy some steaks.
I attempted to take some pictures of the kids. Let's just say that about 100 pictures later (not even kidding), I gave up. Here is the anatomy of taking a picture with 3 kids.

1) Tell your kids to smile, and one will ... albeit crazily
2) Tell one of your kids to stop holding on to another one of your kids heads
3) No seriously, get your hands off her head!!!!
4) Mom in fear that child will attempt to crawl off couch
5) Attempt to change the position of children so that no one can fall head first
6) Try to get baby to stop trying to wiggle away
7) Tell children to smile pretty and not lamely
8) Good, good, now will other child look at mom while smiling?
9) Baby distracts other child and is trying to escape
10) Tell kids to hold baby up while she's making a good escape
11) Baby does not like this and other child is getting bored
12) Uh oh, baby really is not happy
13) Crap, kids, look at me hurry! And SMILE!
14) This is not working
15) Look through all the pictures you take and pick the best one. Meh, it'll have to do.
And there you have it! Happy 4th of July!

8 Months Already

So much has happened with Carly this month! She went from rolling to crawling. She had this nice little "swimming" roll she would do to get around, to face planting when she tried to crawl, to crawling . She just started a couple weeks ago and is now also climbing up on stuff. She's fallen a couple times and also gotten stuck standing up. She ADORES her brothers. They can do almost no wrong! Except when they accidentally hurt her or take away something she's not supposed to have (or stuff they want). She loves to go for shoes. They are her favorite things to eat. We have to hide them from her. I have gotten really good at cleaning things off the floor because she will find the tiniest things on the carpet and in her mouth they go. The best thing she's found is a carpet fiber which she had actually pulled from the carpet. How do we prevent that??? Just a couple days ago, she started sitting finally! I thought that babies were supposed sit first than crawl! Her booty's just too little to sit that great! She is a really good baby. She's so relaxed for the most part as long as she's not sleepy or hungry.
She smiles A LOT! And she loves to laugh!
Eating is serious business
Getting around
Practicing her plank
Her Babbling
Her crawling

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While I Was "Sleeping"

We all got up at the same time one morning but I got Carly her bottle and took her back into my bed. The boys did their usual thing and went downstairs to color/steal food/(fill in the blank). After about 10 minutes, I went downstairs to get breakfast ready, and this is what I found.
(I am Marker Man!)
I don't know why they have this desire to color on themselves although I was impressed with the straight line down Landon's face. Well, at least it's really easy to wash off! Although, for some reason, I decided to take them to the park that way. I'm a great mom like that!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

1st Dress for Carly

For the first time in, well a very long time, I decided to sew and finish a project. I give you (drumroll please) ... Carly's 4th of July dress with matching flower/bow.
I had to get a lot of help from my mom and then at the end, I just wanted to complete it and sorta did what I wanted to do on the bottom of the dress but it works! The pattern was from New Look which I've heard is one of the worst to work with!!! So great one to pick out for my first project to work on! I love how it turned out. I added the flower on her dress. I also made her flower on her hairband. It's not the best thing ever but it does the job. This may inspire me to work on more dresses for her!
(Okay, I know the one on the left is almost exactly like the one on top but I had to pick from like 8 pictures and they were all too cute! So I had to at least have 2 of the pictures in there.)
She was the perfect model and didn't even need any begging or bribery during our little photo shoot! Plus it helps that we bought an awesome camera. Our pictures now look more amazing without even trying!
Ah, she's adorable!