Monday, July 18, 2011

8 Months Already

So much has happened with Carly this month! She went from rolling to crawling. She had this nice little "swimming" roll she would do to get around, to face planting when she tried to crawl, to crawling . She just started a couple weeks ago and is now also climbing up on stuff. She's fallen a couple times and also gotten stuck standing up. She ADORES her brothers. They can do almost no wrong! Except when they accidentally hurt her or take away something she's not supposed to have (or stuff they want). She loves to go for shoes. They are her favorite things to eat. We have to hide them from her. I have gotten really good at cleaning things off the floor because she will find the tiniest things on the carpet and in her mouth they go. The best thing she's found is a carpet fiber which she had actually pulled from the carpet. How do we prevent that??? Just a couple days ago, she started sitting finally! I thought that babies were supposed sit first than crawl! Her booty's just too little to sit that great! She is a really good baby. She's so relaxed for the most part as long as she's not sleepy or hungry.
She smiles A LOT! And she loves to laugh!
Eating is serious business
Getting around
Practicing her plank
Her Babbling
Her crawling


Beka said...

Love the videos! Ike sat on my lap and wanted to watch the one of her babbling several times.

Anne said...

these are the sweetest pics!