Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Boston Trip

Time to update and I will try and make this as short and concise as possible which is really hard to do when you have a whole week where you actually did stuff every day! We planned the Boston trip with our good friends Kindt and Alyssa. Kindt and John were mission companions. We had been talking about this trip for a couple years and it finally became a reality. It all started out Monday morning when we met up with Kindt, Alyssa, their twin boys, and Kindt's Dad, stepmom, and sister. We went to Lowell to visit their old turf. It was fun seeing where they stayed for a while. We got ice cream that evening but Landon enjoyed the dirt much more.

The next day we spent some time in Quincy. Kindt had taught there. It was a really nice and cute town! This was where John Adams and John Quincy Adams lived and where they were buried. We actually saw their crypts! We went to their houses and then looked around at the nice neighborhoods.

I just love lighthouses and this was so picturesque to me so I had to take a picture of this lighthouse in Quincy. We also went to the beach but didn't get in since it was a little more on the chilly side. Landon was a little afraid of the waves coming at him.

The 3rd day, we finally made it into Boston. We went along the Freedom Trail. We saw where Paul Revere grew up and the church that he rode to to hang the lanterns. I felt like we were in National Treasurerer!!!

We then continued the red brick line to The Battle of Bunker Hill. Did you know that the battle actually occured on Breed's Hill? Bunker Hill is the next hill over.

And here's Ol' Iron Sides! Only like 10-15% of the boat is actually original. Crazy, huh? It was 33-0 in battles!

We then stopped by Quincy Market. I was so excited to see it since I'd seen it on a show on the Food Network Chanel. It's basically a big long building with restaurants on each side. it was fun just going in and looking around. This is Landon having fun outside. Oh by the way, he FINALLY prefers walking over crawling. It's about time!

On the 4th day, we sorta just hung out and went to the temple. As you can see, Landon and one of Alyssa's kids found it to be very peaceful!

We did go back to New York on Friday night to hang out with some other friends. I'll have to post what we did on Saturday once I get those pictures. Yeah, we forgot our camera so everyone else had to take pics for us!! We'll post those EXCITING pictures though once we get them and they are exciting!


Shana said...

Finally you post! Cute pictures, Landon is getting so big it's crazy! Glad you had such a good time, can't wait to see the other exciting pictures:)

Kindt, Alyssa, Jakob, and Channing said...

Yay! I may just link to your blog for my
We had a good time, thanks for being sports and trapesing around with us. (How do you spell trapesing??? cuz I know that ain't right...)

Shane and Michelle said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

We are going private so email us if you would like an invite to our blog.

Cheryl said...

Hey! Thanks for finding me. Cute blog. Super cute family! Don't you just love Boston? It's my favorite tourist city.