Sunday, September 28, 2008

The US Open

That's right. For the one day that we were in NY, we were able to see the US Open Semi-finals!!! For any of you who know tennis, this is a big deal and tickets are hard to come by. Our friend, Austyn, got us the tickets. Her boss was out of town and had courtside tickets to the semi-finals. Had it not been for Hurricane Hannah coming up the coast, we would have seen Federer and Nadal play at the Authur Ashe Stadium. However, by the time we got the tickets, they had moved up Nadal's match to another court with limited seating. We were deciding between sitting in our courtside seats for the last couple of points in the Federer match, or for sure get a seat and watch Nadal (now the #1 player in the WORLD) play. We decided Nadal. It was incredible to see him play up close and personal.
On our way to the stadium.
Landon did really well at the match. He liked clapping when everyone else did. (You like the big belly?)

Nadal Serving! Me, John, Dustin and Austyn at the match!.
We had to leave in the 3rd set because of the storm. It started out as a small sprinkle but by the time we got to the subway, it was coming down hard! The rest of the day we just hung out. Dustin and John watched the BYU game and me and Austyn worked our pregnant selves out! It was really fun just to hang out. So we didn't see any of the city but the tennis and just getting to hang out with Austyn and Dustin was a blast. The city will always be there!


Shane and Michelle said...

gosh darn that stupid storm! Looks like you guys are having a great time while you can! enjoyed seeing pictures of you guys

Jessica said...

That's amazing!!! I've been wanting to take my Dad to it. It looked like so much fun

Grandma Diane said...

What a beautiful family! My favorite pix are of Landon playing in the dirt (every little guy's dream!) and those of him walking in his big boy jeans.

Love you all, Mom Vranes