Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Ol' Pete

Continuing with tennis, we went to an exhibition match with Pete Sampras and Sam Querrey. It was amazing seeing Pete Sampras play! We were so excited to see him. We were both a little star struck. He was still so good and he had a great sense of humor. Sam Querry is an up and comer and actually played and lost to Nadal in the US Open. Tickets weren't too bad priced but it ended up that one person was giving away a ticket so we took that and then someone else sold us one of their tickets so we ended up with not bad seats for real cheap! Sorry about the pictures. They didn't turn out too great but here they are.
Pete's in the gray, Sam in the yellow.
Here we are enjoying the game.
There he is waving to us! Not too clearly but that's what that is.
For those of you who are fans, here's Pete doing what he does best. The serve and volley. He made it look so easy.

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Courtney said...

awesome! I love Pete Sampras and watching him when we were little and seeing if mom and dad were doing his matches at the US open!