Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

So although I've lived here all my life, I didn't know that there was a big pumpkin patch on the other side of the mountain!!!! So that is what we did this Saturday. It's actually quite a drive but I felt it was pretty worth it. Landon really enjoyed it. He had a ton of fun. He even tried to get a closer look at the goats! He also LOVED all the balls around! Yeah, that's what he was calling all the pumpkins. And of course he wanted to play with them. He couldn't pick them up but that didn't mean he didn't try!

Here's Landon and John on the hayride to get our pumpkin and Landon trying to pick up a "ball".

John ropin' a cow and Landon trying to get in with the goats.

I needed a picture with me in it and I know John is talking in the picture but I'm smiling in it so too bad!

Here are just some funny pictures of Landon. He loves getting in the laundry basket now (those are clean clothes). He also loves his sunglasses. He feels so cool with them on and keeps them on in the car sometimes!!!


Jessica said...

You definitely need more pictures of you in your blog. Landon looks so much like John.

Kerstin Miller said...
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Kerstin Miller said...

Wow! It looks like there were tons of pumpkins! Jackson tried to do the same thing, but could only pick up the baby pumpkins. Landon is getting so big! When is baby #2 coming?

Grandma Diane Vranes said...

You guys are good looking, too, of course, but I can never get enough of seeing Landon in such cute pictures.