Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween and Such

Happy Halloween (late)! As you can tell, Landon was a lion. Doesn't he look like such a cute little girl?? He loved going trick-or-treating with our friends' daughter. He figured out that they were putting good stuff in his bag and would get candy out of it and hand it to me to unwrap it for him. Next year, maybe he'll actually be able to say trick-or-treat!!!
As the seasons start, it gets busy around here. John's birthday is on the 2nd and mine was on the 7th so on top of Halloween, we had birthdays to celebrate! Also, my new calling has been keeping me pretty busy. I'm the music chair coordinator. This means I conduct the music, set up any special musical numbers in sacrament, and oh yes ... choir. I'm in charge of the Christmas Program which is LOVELY! Since I'm due the 1st, I started on Christmas music 4 weeks ago!! Christmas, here we come!


Jessica said...

That seems like a lot of work. I guess you are gearing up for the Christmas program. Sing some "Fa la la la la's" for me. ;)

Jenna Tanner said...

He is a cute lion. I love Christmas programs. Especially when they do the Canon in D Major medley. That is my favorite!