Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Landon & Cody

I figured it was my turn to tell my side of the story. Sorry it's so long. Just skim it. My water broke at like 11:40ish at night. I seriously thought I was peeing my pants!!! Since we didn't pack anything before, we packed sorta quickly (I wasn't having contractions) and took Landon and our dog over to my parents. Well, we got to the hospital and just waited for the contractions to get stronger. They never really did so at around 6 they started me on pitocin. Well, the contractions got stronger (a little) and they said that any time I wanted they could start getting me ready for an epidural. I told them GREAT! The nurse went to talk to the Dr. to get the Dr. orders to start the IV and also to tell her the baby's heart rate was dropping every time I had a contraction. The nurse came back and said she was going to check me. That's when she discovered the cord. She paused for a second, looked at me and said very calmly, "Okay... You're okay, the baby's okay, but the cord is out. This is an emergency." I'm thinking, "Okay, stick it back in"! She then told me I would need a c-section and I was like, Ohhhhhh, okay then". She got on the phone and said 2 words. "Prolapsed cord". Immediately, I have a couple more people in my room preparing me for surgery. I've got to say, they are fast when there's an emergency! They're booking me out of the room and I'm telling John to call my mom. I'm being rushed down the halls and mean while, there are now like 5 people pushing me along! I'm putting on a hairnet and I feel like I'm part of Grey's Anatomy! My nurse was trying to keep me calm even though I really was. It was quite surreal. They bring me into this sterile looking room with 2 huge lights. They then move me over to the other bed and are pulling my arms out, strapping them down I guess, putting warm towels on me, putting up a curtain, I have a doctor telling me that she's delivering my baby, and all I can think about is, I don't have an epidural, please don't cut!!! I do mention to the anesthesiologist that I don't have an epidural and he lets me know that I'm being put under. I think, oh thank goodness! Now, if this wasn't a hospital, I'd be totally freaked out! I felt like I was being sacrificed or something. Good thing it was a hospital though. Anyways, the anesthesiologist asks me if I'm ready to sleep, I say I am, and before I even have time to ask them if they want me to count backwards, I'm out! The next thing I know, I'm waking up, they're putting me under again (I guess I was having problems breathing and still in pain), and then I'm waking up again and they're getting me to sign a paper. I couldn't focus at all and felt like I was on LSD or something! It was so funny. I don't even know what my signature looked like. For the next couple of hours, I was in and out and everytime I woke up, I kept thinking, I need to let them know I want an epidural. And then I'd remember I'd had the baby and go back to sleep. I didn't get to see him till 11:30 and I wasn't allowed to be alone with him since I was still totally drugged up and couldn't get out of bed to get him if something was wrong. Anyways, it was quite the experience!! By the way, I went in to the OR at 7:35, he was born at 7:43 and I was awake in the OR for a good 3-5 minutes. That means they basically started cutting the moment I was out! Eeek! Good news is that it really wasn't that bad (I got a lot of sleep and have never been so out of it in my life which was a new experience) and I'm just really glad that we live in these times! He is the smallest kid we will probably ever have!!! At his first doctors appointment, he dropped down to 5.8 lbs! Oh, and Landon got his 18-month appointment at the same time. Yeah, 75% for height, 30% for weight, and 97% for HEAD!!! That's right, we have a genius on our hands! Here are some more pics of both of them!

Landon has learned how to pray! It makes us look like good parents!
Landon loves to play with Cody's hands.
Any time the camera comes out, he smiles at it.
Here's just how small he is!!!!


Kindt, Alyssa, Jakob, and Channing said...

So little and so cute!! Landon got big all the sudden! Maybe its just cuz hes next to a little tike! Its weird to me that you have two kids, I know it shouldn't be but it just seems surreal... are you getting any sleep? It looks like Landon is doing well with his little bro! How are you feeling?

sidenote:5 8 is the size that Channing was when he was born and he dropped to 4 12 at one point! Its crazy when they are so little!! I felt like I was going to break my little guys!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! He looks so little in the picture with John.. and Landon is such a ham! Love it!

Jessica said...

I got all teary eyed when with John holding him. I'm glad you are doing well.

Tami said...

Man he looks tiny with John! I wish I had a better pic of Parker with Paul when he was teeny tiny ;)

Landon is getting so big! He's starting to look like a little boy!

Mary said...

He's so precious! What an awesome story! I'm glad you are both okay. (This is Megan's sister Mary by the way.)

carrie said...

He is so tiny and so sweet!