Monday, May 16, 2011

Landon turns 4

I have a 4 year old! Crazy! I'm in awe at how much he's grown and how much he knows! He's a really smart kid and he surprises me all the time. He's trying to read all the time. He just did a drawing of me which was hilarious. I had a teeny tiny head with a box for a body. He's telling stories now, just gave his first talk in primary, and trying to play tennis and basketball. He loves so many thing! Reading, books, his Book of Mormon, telling stories about Sho Sho, his brother, his sister, climbing trees ... I could go on and on!
He had a birthday party. I thought he was so funny when he opened his presents. He was all excited about each thing he got. He was really excited about having all his friends over. I made up a "Super Why" story that I read to them and we found super letters. I think the kids enjoyed it and I got to make myself look crazy! My sister and I made rainbow cupcakes and for snacks, they were all fairytale related. We had Peter Cottontails tail (big marshmallows), twizzlers (Rappunzel's hair), gummy bears (The 3 Bears), deviled eggs (HumptyDumpty's great fall), circus animal cookies (Dumbo's circus), gumdrops (Hansel and Gretals snack), and we were supposed to have apples for Snow White but forgot.
Weight: 43.4 pounds (50%)
Height: 40 inches (95-97%)

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