Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 2011

The big news is that Landon now sleeps on the top bunk! He has been so excited about it and shows anyone who comes over. Every night he's gone to bed telling me he's excited about sleeping on the top. Do you like the make shift ladder climbing "preventer"? Cody kept wanting to climb up it that night. It has sense been removed. Also, Carly now sleeps with them. 3 kids in one room! It's actually fantastic!!! They all sleep great and we have our loft back.
This was before he got his top bunk. I came upstairs one night and this is how we found him! He did not want to go to bed this night.
Cody shopping with me. He loves his hood on. And he loves the car slippers.
And on nice days, we've gone to the park and hung out with friends there.
Besides that, it's been pretty much the same. I did put my gym membership on hold because I wanted to hang out with my kids more! Since my gym is a little expensive, I found that I was going almost every day for a couple of hours to make the most of it. However, if someone wanted to do something in the mornings, the gym always came first. Instead of letting my kids do fun things with their friends, I was making come to the gym with me. So, April was the first month I put it on hold. It's been nice! So much more time in the mornings although I can't say it's always spent wisely!
Just a little about the kids so I don't forget some things:
Landon has been getting along great with Carly and Cody. He tries to help out Cody all the time. In the mornings, they usually sneak downstairs and eat some yogurt together.
This month, Cody's talking has gotten even better. He will and can say just about everything. He speaks in one word full sentences (if that makes sense). Like today, I walked in during nap time and he immediately closed his eyes tight and said "I'm. Closing. My. Eyes." in the cutest voice ever!!! He could get away with anything he's so dang cute!
And Carly, well, she's trying to eat her fingers most the time and if her toes are available, she'll go after those too. She also likes making lots of noise, loves smiling and laughing, and is just the cutest baby ever (you know in that way you just want to squish their little faces to the point where they start crying)!!!! (as I'm writing this, she is giving me her best smiles and laughs! and noises)


Tami said...

Um...where is the pic of your cute baby? Seriously? Looking forward to meeting her in a few weeks!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Three kids in one room! I love it!! How awesome that Carly is sleeping through the night and not waking up the boys. Nolen still wakes up twice in the night. Oh well for me. So happy for you and maybe we can meet you at the park one day. We have been hitting up the gym at 3:00 in the afternoon. Not busy and it is a nice way to take a break :)