Sunday, November 4, 2007


Landon has discovered his toes, finally! He sorta grabbed at his feet but usually would pull his legs up by his shins. He's now looking at his toes though and grabbing them up towards his face.

Also, Landon rolled over from front to back for the first time on Saturday. However, neither John nor I actually saw it. John just noticed that Landon was all of a sudden on his stomach.

One more thing that Landon has finally noticed is that Daisy moves around and he'll actually follow her to see where she goes. He also grabs at her chin hairs when she comes over to lick his hand. Daisy's been really good with Landon though. Whenever Landon grabs her chin hairs, I usually catch her making quiet whines and pawing at his hand gently. It's so cute! Some day soon though, Daisy isn't going to be going anywhere near Landon.

This past Friday was John's birthday. So on his birthday, we went over to some friends house to have dinner and play games. It's been a long time since we've just played some games. We were up late for us married folks! We were playing till 11. I don't think Landon was so happy for us but he got over it. He was actually pretty good so I can't complain. On Saturday, my parents took us out to Texas Roadhouse for both of our birthdays, John's is on the 2nd and mind is on the 7th. It's our favorite place in the whole wide world! Mmmmmm. This picture is actually the Texas Roadhouse in Albuquerque. For your birthday you have to get on a saddle. Sadly, I was holding Landon so John had to be the one to get on the saddle. I was actually sad I didn't have the camera so I could take a picture and blog it!

For your viewing pleasure, here's Landon laughing. Just random I know.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to you guys!! I LOVED the video of Landon laughing, that is the best sound ever!