Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We stayed here in Albuquerque with my side of the family. I made my first homemade pumpkin and apple pies! John helped with the pumpkin pie. I was pretty proud of myself although it took a lot longer than I expected. My two sisters, Shana and Courtney came in town so I was able to hang out with them all week! It was fun. We of course watched the BYU vs UTAH game. Go BYU!!! Here are some pics from our week. Of course all of them have Landon in it.

These couple pictures were taken the Sat. before Thanksgiving. He was having a grand ol' time on the bed. He almost looks like he's modeling. Don't you love his lips in the second pic? He looks like he's sticking them out to make them look bigger.
Landon and Daisy are always playing together. Landon tries to grab her chin hairs. Daisy's really good with Landon. Whenever he grabs her, she just tries to paw him off and licks his hand. I can't wait until he's a little boy and they run around together.
While we were shopping, Landon was with John and he was a rolling Fiend! He really hasn't rolled too much so this was exciting stuff for him. In the first picture, you can see how far he's moved - John placed the toy at Landon's starting point. Landon probably would've gone further, but you can see that the desk halted his progress.
You can't tell but it's snowing. We were having lovely weather up until Thanksgiving. It was in the low 70's/high 60's until the past weekend. We got snow on Black Friday!
He got tired a lot but didn't want to miss out on anything that was going on. He only slept when people were holding him.

His new hat and gloves.


AmbertheGreat said...

He is getting so big! and he is so cute!

Alyssa and Kindt said...

He is absolutely adorable! Kindt says he looks like John, but I think hes a perfect little mix! We HAVE to see each other! Kindt might be flying out to San Fran the week before Christmas for work, which means we will be changing our flights, which means we may be staying longer, which means that we might actually be able to hang out for awhile one day! Its hard to believe hes only like a month and a half older than the boys because they seem so small and so far behind compared to Landon! They grow so fast and quickly when they are young its amazing! I hope that you are enjoying being a mommy!