Thursday, October 25, 2007


My parents and I went to Austin this past weekend. It was nice having people to travel with because of Landon. We went to Austin to see my niece, Riley, get sealed to my brother and sister-in-law and for the blessing. It was great to go out there and visit them. I figured since John was in Germany, I should go somewhere too so I did! My niece is only 7 weeks older than Landon but she's far ahead of him on motor skills. She's already been crawling for a couple weeks now! All Landon does is lay around. Boy is he behind! It was funny to watch them together because Landon is bigger than her but doesn't do anything while she's this tiny little thing crawling around and pulling herself up. What was really funny is when she got really excited, because she had pulled herself up into a standing position, she would squeal/scream. It was probably funnier for me and my parents than for my brother and sister-in-law because they have to hear that every single day while we just had to deal with that sound for a couple of days.
Here's my Mom in Heaven
Here's My Brother and His Family on the Sealing Day (isn't her dress amazingly cute???!!!)
Landon's wondering what's going on and why the attention isn't on him.
Landon was tuckered out from all the fun he'd been having.
Riley beating up Landon
So we went to this bridge because there's a huge colony of bats that live under there. They are supposed to come out a little after sunset in a big cloud. However, this night, we didn't see them at all. Maybe next time.
It's really hard to get a picture of them both looking AND smiling at the camera but I got it!


Grandma Diane said...

Landon is sooooo handsome in his polo and sweater...oh, you know, he's handsome in ALL of them. His eyes look more like his Daddy's now to me.

He seems heavier than his cousin...makes it harder to first get around, maybe. By Christmas there will be no stopping him!

Just lay him down often on his tummy on a blanket on the floor, and get down there with him, putting toys just out of his reach. He will get the idea.
Love you all!

Time will come when you'll wish for the days when you could put him somewhere and he'd STAY there. :-)

Courtney said...

oh my goodnes... how adorable are they both...soo cute I can just stare ate these pictures! and riley's dress! ahh! but seriously, landon's hair looks so much lighter now that you cut it! 3 weeks till I see him!!!