Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Landon was born with a ton of hair. We would always joke that at 3 weeks, we were going to be cutting it. He has been long overdue for a haircut. The back of his hair was looking so nappy and his hair has been outrageous lately. So, tonight was the night. On his 5 month birthday, me and my parents thought it'd be a good time to finally cut it. We're going to Austin this weekend for a sealing so we wanted him to look nice for it! Do you know how hard it is to cut a babies hair? They don't like to stay still and they get upset when you try and make them stay still. He was a good sport though and my Mom did a great job. He looks like a little gentleman and now, I think I can manage his hair! What a difference. Here are the results.


and After


Jenna Tanner said...

Cute haircut! It's amazing how much older they can look with a haircut.

Andrea said...

OMIGOSH! He looks so handsome!! I love that guy and I've never even met him...:(

I keep wondering if I should give Vanessa a haircut, but I totally wuss out when she cries when I do pigtails, so I guess I'm not "cut" out for it.

Courtney said...

Ok soooo cute! it looks blonder shorter! and you look super cute in that one pic too.. I like your jacket :) but seriously all I can say is awwwww... 1st haircut at 5 mo. wowow!!!

Grandma Diane said...

Smart Grandma Vranes...I just realized I could write comments on the pix.

I LOVED the haircut! I just wish I could hold him and kiss his little neck!?!