Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

This morning as we got in the car for church, we were greeted with an "interesting" smell. I was thinking, 'I know I changed Cody's diaper in here but geez, I took it out 2 days ago.' And then I saw it. There was the large package of toilet paper from Costco sticking up in the back of our van. We had gone to Costco on Friday night in anticipation for July 4th. We had picked up hamburgers and hamburger buns along with a couple of other things. We had forgotten to unload the van! As we didn't go anywhere on Saturday, the hamburgers sat in the car for the weekend. So our hamburgers that we got for the 4th of July are ... well, they're gross. It'll be fried egg sandwiches tonight!
And, as I'm sure many of you have been dying to see, here are multiple pictures of the kiddos!
Cody loves baths. Can't get enough of that smile!

I hadn't taken sleeping pictures of Cody for forever

First watermelon. The first time he was tring to eat it, he had his elbows way out.

Just chillin' in Mom and Dad's bed.

Landon loved those floaties for about 2 mintues. Cody's trying to keep his sunglasses on.

Proof that I have taken the kids swimming this summer. At least once anyways!

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Cheryl said...

Cute pictures! Sad about your hamburgers.

And congrats on the baby!!!