Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nothing New

Although there isn't anything special to post about, I want to get better at posting so I'm posting about nothing new! The boys are still cute (well to me), I'm still pregnant, we're still living in the same place, and it's still hotter than hades outside. So there you have it. Nothing new but at least I remembered to take some pictures of us doing all this nothingness. Here is our list of things to entertain ourselves.

We go to the park a lot lately after dinner. I will even take the kids by myself just because, 1) they expend a lot of energy 2) they fight less and 3) the kids Love it. Plus, our dog gets tons of exercise and the Cody loves seeing all the dogs there.

(Look! A dog!)
Landon's new thing has been his imagination. He has these imaginary balloons like you wouldn't believe. Just don't pretend pop one of them because he gets VERY upset and starts to cry. So, I decided to see if he'd make a cake for me. Which he did! I have the best cook ever.

Take random ugly pictures of mom getting fatter.

We take "mad" pictures. Cody wanted to get in on the action here. He didn't do too bad! He's the King of interesting faces.

Of course playing with water and getting soaked. (Cody's laugh at 1 minute is a little crazy)

And making dinosaur sounds.

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Kerstin Miller said...

cute! cute! gotta love those blonde boys! yeah, we'll have to get together sometime when you get here! congrats on the baby girl!