Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So I'm transitioning him out of his 0-3 month clothes and into his 3-6 month clothes. He has some summer 3-6 month clothes that have to be used before summer is over. I find that I'm taking more pictures of him in these outfits just becuase I don't know how many times he'll be able to wear it!
Also, we're working on getting him to suck his thumb. He figures it out sometimes but the other times he's sticking all his fingers in his mouth or his fist.

Here's another outfit that's 3-6 month. I thought he looked like such a little boy because we put shoes on him.

Just some randon pictures.
He's learned to play Hide n' Seek.

Workin' it! Posing for the camera.


Jenna Tanner said...

He is getting so big so fast. Cute pictures!

sara said...

oh my! that green polo shirt number makes him look like a lil' man!

Andrea said...

Tiffany! He looks so cute! I second the comment on the green polo outfit. I'm a big fan.