Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Tahoe Trip

Even though I didn't go on the trip, I'm going to post about it since John took lots of pictures.
This was the first day that John got there. They'd just arrived and went to the beach. Landon loves the water so he wasn't too displeased about going.
Here he is with his Aunt Becky! As you can tell, he's still not walking on his own yet!!! Aunt Becky was a great help.
Grandpa walking with him in the water.
Grandma holding him during his nap. All that play is hard on a little guy like him!

Going out to Harrah's! Landon thinks sunglasses are pretty funny. I thought he looked pretty cool. Maybe we should go out an by him a pair.
John trying to do his famous back flip.
My stud of a man!

Landon's cousin Brittea just came right on over to him and started playing with him. It was really cute (well the pictures that I saw).
And Landon loved it. I guess she was really fun to play with.
So what did I end up doing? I was pretty boring. I would wake up, work-out, maybe go to the pool, go to work, and rent movies for the night. It was a little lonely but nice. Nothing special. This week, it's going to be just Landon and me. John is going to Alabama for work. So it'll be another week sorta by myself except Landon will be here to ... distract me.


Shana said...

Renting movies, hanging out by yourself, sounds ALMOST like my mexico trip, minus all the fun things:)

carrie ritchie said...

Hey Tiffany,

It was good to hear from you. Your little boy is so cute! And one on the way huh? That's so exciting. Where are you guys living now? Are you still in ALB?

Kindt, Alyssa, Jakob, and Channing said...

He is sooo cute! I cant' wait to see you guys in Boston!! We need to coordinate..Kidnt and I are going to get a kind of itenerary figured out..

carrie ritchie said...

We're actually already back in Utah. We came back about 3 weeks ago for an internship in Salt Lake. We miss ALB. though. Let us know if you ever head back us this way:)

Jenna Tanner said...

It was good to see John and meet Landon for the first time. I was bummed you weren't there, but maybe next year : )