Monday, February 16, 2009

San Francisco

As promised, here are pictures of the San Francisco trip for the wedding. Okay, so first wedding was for Steve and Becky. They've been dating for like 3 years so it was about time! It was Cody's first flight so we had to get a picture of that! As you can tell, he had a ball!

There was a rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Here was our table. These are all of John's cousins. They are the COOLEST!

On Saturday, we mostly hung out till the afternoon when we had to get ready for the wedding that night. All the family who was in town came over to hang out at my in-laws house for a little bit. Here's my Aunt Sally holding Cody. The cool thing is, we have pictures of her holding Landon at the same age.

Here's Landon in his 3-piece suit! You can't see it too well but it's the cutest thing ever! He was really interested in the quartet that was playing right next to us. And yes, he was the only kid to make noise during the ceremony. Everytime I'd try to get him to sit down or sit on my lap, he'd scream. It was lovely let me tell you! And no, although it looks like I'm drunk in this picture, I can assure you I wasn't drinking.

This is during the ceremony. I just had to make sure to get a picture of the back and front of her dress! She was so pretty!

It was a lot of fun afterwards too. There was the dinner and dancing. Plus, John was one of the best men and made a kick-A speech. Some of Becky's cousins became my "new friends" and they new me as 1) the girl that looked like Hillary Swank and 2) Cody's mom. They loved holding Cody and I was more than happy to let them hold him. One of the cousins wanted to take a picture with me and later he wanted to dance with me. John thinks he has a Hillary Swank fetish. And although it's meant as a compliment, I really really don't think Hillary is pretty! But that's another story for some other time.


Andrea said...

Tiffany, you looks so gorgeous! I love your bangs! That's funny about the Hillary Swank thing....I've never made that connection but I guess you two look alike, except you're way hotter.

Cody is SO CUTE!

Jenny said...

Cody looks so handsome in his tux!!

I know you don't usually watch The Office, but you have to watch the episode where they vote on whether Hillary Swank is hot or not. It's hilarious! Maybe we can find it online the next time we hang out.

Debsie Doodle said...

I love those suits that the little boys wore!