Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Helper

So Landon had a birthday on Saturday! He's a 2 year old. And boy, is he ever a 2 year old! On Saturday, we were in a golfing store and he threw his biggest tantrum yet. He was laying on the floor and crying. Well, I got him to get up but he wanted to go into the area where other people were testing out clubs and he was not allowed in. As I was walking out with him screaming, someone near John said, "He's 2". Like you wouldn't believe!!!
Okay, so about the title. Landon has been really good at doing things when I tell him to do something. He'll lay down for me so I can change his diaper, he'll bring me things, he'll apoligize. He was even cleaning with a sponge the other day!
Well, yesterday, he really helped me out. Almost every day, we pick up Daisy's (our dog) poo. We just use a ziplock bag and then throw it out. Well, have you guessed what Landon did to help? I was feeding Cody and in walks Landon with a HUGE smile on his face. He had found a gallon size bag in the kitchen and proceeded to go outside, pick up the poo, and place it in the bag for me. Needless to say, I sanitized almost everything I thought he touched! He did it again today but at least today, it was only bark. What a great kid!


Shane and Michelle said...

Ohh how funny. What a good kid. He was just trying to help?!?! How are you doing? The things us women go through eh. Aleah did the same thing yesterday, right before we had to leave she took her poop pee diaper off in her bed and threw poop balls on the floor and put them into neat piles in her bed....smeared some on her cheek. :)

Austyn said...

this is hilarious. it might also have to do with the fasniation with bodily functions at that age??
your boys are too cute!

Jenny said...

So sweet of Landon to help out, even if it was gross. He's such a good kid!
So, it's Monday night and we are totally missing you guys. We haven't found any TV-lovers to replace you yet.

Debsie Doodle said...