Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yesterday, we made sure to enjoy this last little bit of summer that's left. We went rappeling in the morning which consisted of a little hike, and a lot of getting bothered by the gnats. John was actually only able to go rappeling while I made sure that the kids didn't plummet to their death! No, it was anything crazy like that but there were a lot of rocks to climb up and down on and we had to be careful they didn't fall. Cody LOVED hiking. I wouldn't have thought! At the beginning of our little hike, I was carrying Cody on my shoulders but he wasn't having any of it and wanted down.
After rappeling/hiking, we were going to be showing our house so we pulled an old family favorite of mine and grabbed some slurpies. There's nothing better to drink after you're hot and sticky! Then we ran over to the library for some much needed books and then got a call to show our house again! By this time, it was probably a good time to put the kids down but we decided to take them out swimming. They were having so much fun and being so good anyways. Landon finally has gotten over of his fear of actually being taken out into the water. He'll warn you though that he DOES NOT want to go under the water. As long as that rule is followed, he'll play with you in the water. Cody was having a great time with Daddy. After an hour, we decided to go back home, take baths and watch a movie. What more fun could you have on a summer day!? How about firing up the grill! We invited my parents over for hamburgers and hot dogs and a keylime pie for dessert! I know, we know how to live it up. Overall, it was a great and tiring day. Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken on all these adventures. We were too busy actually making sure the kids didn't fall or drown. Maybe next time.


Courtney said...

Sounds like a perfect Summer day. Love it!

Beka said...

What a fun summer day! Can't wait to see you guys and have some summer fun in San Diego.