Saturday, January 7, 2012

Carly's Cute!

I haven't done an update on Carly in a while (since her 12 month update) and I know you're all dying to know what this little cutie is up to! She's getting 2 top molars in very slowly. Her hair is turning into a scraggly mess but I figure if I cut it, it will still turn into a scraggly mess a couple weeks later again. I usually do her hair in pigtails to maintain her hair and to avoid her getting too much food in it. She loves eating. Her favorite might be beans, of any kind! We had ham hock soup the other day and she was grabbing navy beans by the handfull. She has the funniest laughs and fake laughs and even fake coughs if it will make us laugh. She's already got such a sense of humor and it makes us laugh a lot! She's starting to walk a little more. She started "walking" a little after 12 months but after a few falls, she stopped walking much. Just within the last week or so, she's started really picking up the walking.
She's grown out of all her 12 month clothes. :( Even the ones that I've been trying to squeeze her into cause they're just so darn cute! Some of her 12-18 month clothes are too big at the waist. She was tall and skinny in her age group. Just the other day when I was telling the boys it was time to say prayer, this is what she did for the first time.
We love having a little girl. She is very social with people and "makes friends" easily. Her favorite words are Daisy, Mama, ay-yeah (said very quickly), and Piggy. You can thank my dad for Piggy. She "talks" all the time when she's happy and if you're lucky enough, she'll just start babbling at you. She always has a pleasant look on her face, like in her prayer picture. She'll just stare at you like that for a while.


Natalie and Ryan said...

Don't you just love kids' clothing? They are so cute sometimes. I love Carly's purple outfit and those cute pants. Take care

Beka said...

Carly sure is a cutie! Can't wait to finally meet her!