Monday, August 27, 2007


So, mom suggested fishing and we thought it was a good idea. Nice and relaxing, right? Oh my goodness, it was so not what I thought it was! I hadn't been fishing since I was a brownie in girl scouts. All I remember was catching a fish (by the way, I was the last one in the troop to catch a fish and I was again the last one to catch a fish this time too). I didn't realize that there were so many other things involved. Like if a fish swallows the hook, you have to pry it out of his mouth with plyers. Did we have any? Of course not! And man, those fish were hard to hold on to those slippery little suckers! We didn't come very prepared either. We didn't have anything to hold our fish in, or anything to get the hook out of their mouths. Thankfully, there was someone else there with his kid and he helped us out with getting the hook out of their mouths and gave us a chain to ring all the fish up together with.
Price for fishing - $11.50
Price for 5 fish at $0.55/in - $33.00
Actually catching a fish - Priceless!

All the fish we caught!

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