Monday, August 27, 2007

Now there is a story behind this. This isn't just another sleeping picture, even though it is a picture of him sleeping.
Mom was left in charge of Landon for a little while while Tami, Camden and I all went to the pool at our complex. We came back to my parents and Landon was asleep on the bed in my parents room even though I'd left him on the floor in the Family Room. A little background, Landon had learned how to scoot a little bit. He's never gone anywhere very fast doing it though and hasn't gone very far. While mom was watching him, Landon had scooted between an in-table and the sofa and had gotten his head stuck. He started yelling at the top of his lungs and when my mom got to him, he looked at her like, "what happened?" She calmed him down and laid him on her bed on his tummy so he wouldn't scoot off the bed. Since then, Landon really doesn't scoot. He's content to just lay there an flail his arms and legs in the air.

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