Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crawl and Climb

Landon has also started climbing to his feet. And, now that I found the right software to edit our videos, I can have a little fun with them too. It's nothing fancy, but still fun to do. I swear, in real life you can actually hear this music in the background when he's getting to his feet. :-)


Kindt, Alyssa, Jakob, and Channing said...

I love the background music! I cant' believe how big he is getting, they grow too fast. Hes going to be walking soon!! Imagine in boston with the three of them walking! it will definately be an adventure!! Sorry i missed your calls, Ill call you back soon.

AmbertheGreat said...

That is so cute! Before you know if he will be all over the place :)

Andrea said...

Ok Tiffany, you're hilarious. Way to turn a home video into something that make me feel goosebumps. I never thought I'd be so moved by a baby climbing. ;)