Monday, May 12, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Our friends, Rochelle and Sam, invited us out to go to an Isotopes game. The weather was soooo nice. The seats weren't too shabby either! We were out by 3rd base. Of course there really aren't any bad seats in the place. Landon enjoys listening to the music and loves to clap his hands when everyone else is.

Landon and I also went to a game with my parents and my sister like a week later during the day. My dad got Landon the cutest baseball cap! He LOVES wearing it. Everytime I put it on him, he smiles and if he's in a bad mood and his hat it on, I just move it around on his head to remind him that his hat is there and he cheers up right away. I'll have to put his picture up with it on.

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