Friday, April 30, 2010

Haircut with the Clippers

We have given Cody only 1 haircut before and it was with scissors. His hair was getting so long and since it's getting to be summertime and all, we decided it was time to see how Cody liked the clippers. Landon is not a huge fan but we decided to do them both at once, like ripping a band-aid off.
Isn't his hair so long and cute??
So we started with Landon on 3/4 inch. Small detail but very important to the story. We thought it'd be short enough that we wouldn't have to cut their hair again for awhile but long enough that it wouldn't look like they were bald. I finished Landon up on 1/4 inch around the ears and neck. Not my best work ever but Landon was a little impatient so it had to do.
Then it was Cody's turn. Did I mention that I had just finished up Landon on 1/4 inch? Yeah, I forgot to change it! When I first started cutting his hair, I was thinking, "Wow! That's a lot of hair. Hmmm, it looks super short. Wait, what the crap!" I know hair grows back but I was so sad!!! All his beautiful blond hair was gone! He looked almost bald!!!
Well, in the video, I'd just changed the blade to 3/8 inch so it's still short but not super, super short. You can't tell too much that the front of his hair is shorter than the sides and back of his hair. John thought it was hilarious! And Cody, of course, didn't even notice. He thought the clippers tickled so that was a success. Next time, I'll just be a little more vigilant on what length is on the clippers!!


Shane and Michelle said...

You're boys are adorable! Love the haircuts!

Tami said...

Paul does a 2 on the sides and a 4 on top for both of our boys (not sure what inches that is?) So nothing wrong with short sides and back-it's more of a mlitary cut, and you just taper to make it look nice :) We LOVE the clippers since our boys hair grows ridiculously fast!

Jenna said...

That video is so cute! It is hard for blond kids to not look like they are bald. We use a 1 on Weston and he still looks bald afterwards.

Alyssa said...