Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cody being Cody

Cody's one of those kids that when he's happy, he is the happiest kid in the world. However, the next second, he could be the angriest kid in the world. But, thankfully, he's usually very happy. I have to say that the 15-18 month range is my favorite time for kids. It's when they start to "get it". You tell them to bring something to you and they know exactly what it is and give it to you! They start joking with you, being silly, and just knowing how to push your buttons. They start knowing what they want and don't want to do. They'll pull that whole "rag doll" thing on you. You'll go to pick them up and they go completely limp. It's the funniest thing because if I put him down, he's still acting all limp and will lie on the floor. Just laying there for a couple minutes. Cody has hit the 18 month mark and it seems like he has grown up so much in these last couple of months. Here's what he's doing, and I'm guessing that those of you who have a kids close to this age can totally relate.
He loves to climb on EVERYTHING! He can now climb up to his high chair, Landon's bed, the couch, and the ottoman which he likes to try to jump off of to the couch. He climbs on these patio chairs and I have to be careful that he doesn't stand up and lean on the back because it tips!

He loves being silly. He makes the silliest faces when at mealtimes.

Just lookin' as cute as can be. I think he was going for GQ here.

Loves to put on Daddy's beanie. Again, he thinks this is silly and makes him look cool.

He loves giving kisses and hugs. Not as much to Mommy and Daddy then to other people. He's also started to wave to EVERYONE even when they're not looking. If we're leaving a store, he waves goodbye. If we pass by some people and they're "leaving", he's waving.


Kerstin Miller said...

what a cute boy! love the bow tie!

Jason said...

Where is the Nintendo beanie :)

Parrish Family said...

So cute! I just love that age.

Austyn said...

SOrry i missed your calls- i am extremely bad at checking my messages!

we've had a busy couple of days but i will give you a ring very soon! dying to get the inside scoop!