Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Staying Here in NC

So, instead of going home today, we decided to stay in North Carolina for an extra week! We've just been having so much fun here and haven't been able to do some of the stuff that we've wanted to do so I figured, why not just stay a little longer? How many times will we ever be able to just stay someplace for a couple weeks and not worry about the kids in school? Things we have done this week: Different parks, scrapbooking, digi-scrapbooking, Krispy Kremes (the kids loved watching the donuts made), playing with cousins, going to a corn maze, and the beach. I think I've covered it! Here are a couple of the pics. Oh, and my sister has been amazing taking pictures with her awesome camera so we have awesome pictures of what the boys have been up to.


Rachel O said...

We will miss you!

Anonymous said...

Great maternity suit! Did you end up buying one? Glad you're having a great time! Megan

Andrea Marie Photography said...

Ohh!!! Krisy Kremes!! This post made me hungry. ; ) Your boys are so adorable, I love these pictures from your sister!