Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Came Home

We finally decided that it might be good to come on home before I had this baby! 1 week was just not enough time so we made it 2! We had so much fun with my sister and her family. The kids loved their Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. It was great. They probably didn't mind all the extra attention and all the cool "new" toys. My sister was amazing with taking pictures of everyone having a great time. It was like having our own personal photographer. I stopped taking pictures with my camera since hers is so much better. Here's a quick run through of our trip.
Learning how to play with his cousin Parker

Bathtime with their new cool towels. My sister found these for them and they were so cute, she told us we had to take the towels home with us.

Cody's new obsession, playing with trains

Going to the beach

Playing in the backyard

Going to a corn maze

Hitting up the local Krispy Kreme where Cody kept taking donuts. He's a fan as previously shown.

Going slip-n-sliding

Going to the most awesome museum for kids I have EVER seen (Marbles in Raleigh)

Going to parks where at one of them, they got to feed the ducks

I just think this is the best picture ever taken of Landon. Thanks to my sister for getting this amazing shot!

And chilling.

It was a whole lot of fun. After we got back, the next morning, Landon was asking when we were going to Aunt Tami's house. He really misses it (as do I). What can I say, we were all spoiled! Tami would hold Cody and buy them balls from Walmart, she took me shopping and every night, we had an awesome dinner. I could have stayed another week but I'm thinking that I would have overstayed my welcome! :) I'm just glad we were able to stay a little bit longer.

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Courtney said...

I have to agree- that picture of Landon is awesome. So so cute. I am fully convinced I have the best sisters in the world and the cutest nephews and niece (soon to be nieces!)