Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Since we knew we'd be up till midnight on New Year's Eve because of Carly, we had a little party at our place. My sisters came (Shana and Courtney), a boyfriend of one of my sisters, and my in-laws who had just come in town that day. John and I have not stayed up till midnight on New Year's Eve in a long time. We usually watch the ball drop in NY and then call it good! We started by playing the Kinect which my sister had broughtwith her. We were dancing machines!! It was a lot of fun. After that, we played some minute-to-win-it games. We were in the middle of some of the games when we realized wehad less than 2 minutes to get the drinks out and toast! After "freaking out" and some spilled drinks, we were able to count down to midnight. It was a lot of fun and I'd actually think about doing it again next year! I didn't take many pictures but I do have some videos that were pretty funny. However, because of the length and how ridiculous we all look in them, I'm not going to post them. I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone, especially not myself!
Here's Carly hanging out. She's actually about to cry.
A couple of days before, we went to the River of Lights at the Botanical Gardens. Of course we had to go on one of the coldest night that we'd had so far. It was fun though and the kids all survived! Although from Cody's face, you'd think he didn't enjoy it.
The boys loved having their Aunts in town. I have the best sisters around! They are so great with my kids and we always have fun. I don't think I laugh as hard as I do when I'm with my sisters. For some reason, we always have to get together and take crazy/funny pictures. With our macs, it's a ton easier to take pictures. We don't need someone to hold the camera! So we can now take pictures for hours without someone getting totally bored!
Our super mad faces (I think). Although Shana looks more disgusted.
This is our gangster pose although, again, I don't think Shana got the memo!
And then just fun pictures
For some reason, I don't have any pictures with Courtney and the kids but I do have some of Shana and the kids.
It was a great couple weeks hanging out with them. The only thing that would have made it better was having my brother and other sister come in town with their families.

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