Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer May Not Be "The One"

I had the greatest idea ever and decided to sign Landon up for soccer because he'd love it! Right? All kids love to run around! Well, we were a bit surprised by his first practice. He is by far the slowest kid on the field which is sorta weird since he can run away from us pretty quickly! He has endured his practices well. He also let me know that running was his favorite thing! Shocking since the other kids will finish far ahead of him and he's only like half way done with his run. It wasn't too bad though until they actually played a real "game", and by real, I mean mom's against the boys. And we went easy on them too! But Landon was not fast enough to get the ball. It was very sad. He started crying because there were too many people trying to get 1 little ball! His coach pulled him aside to talk with him and help him out. Then he told him to go get him the ball. So Landon goes out and keeps telling the other kids, "I need the ball! I need the ball!" crying all the while. It was a proud moment for me. So, like any good mom, I bribed him with Chick-Fila. I told him that if he didn't cry during the next practice, we'd go out afterwards to Chick-Fila. It worked! Now, he just runs at the back of the pack going every which way. I'm not even sure if he's trying to get the ball anymore but if he's running himself tired, I'm all for that!
Running all by his lonesome and looking really confused at practice!
First Game: Their team "won" and I put it in quotation marks because his league doesn't keep score. All I know is that the other team only scored once which I was pretty happy for them. Our team has some very competitive kids on it. I know you're wondering if Landon's one of them ... he's not. It was hilarious watching some kids. There were the ones who were smiling the whole time and just having a ball not knowing what they were doing, the real serious ones, the ones who ducked when the ball got thrown to them, the ones that went the wrong direction and almost scored on their own team, and the one who just wandered around (that would be mine). It was really funny and Landon's enjoying it even if he can't get the ball.
Spreading out. This was Landon's favorite thing today.
Done with his water break and running back to coach.
Best picture of the team. This is the closest Landon gets unless the ball accidentally gets kicked towards him. He touched it once. Woohoo!
Running ... somewhere. Not sure exactly where.
Done!! Look at that smile! Unfortunately, he's out of focus.


Cheryl said...

So cute!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Hilarious! That will totally be Edward... Crying the whole time...