Monday, December 19, 2011

Real Random

None of these "events" deserved a full post so they're all here together.
We are pretty big recyclers in our family. However, big cardboard boxes have to be broken down and tied together. For some reason, this is so hard for me and John. Like, getting out some yarn and actually tying them together is one of the hardest chores to do! We're always out of string to tie it with, the boxes are different sizes so the slide around, and ... well it's just a pain (and maybe a little bit lazy, but just a little). Solution: children are naturally destructive. Give them a cardboard box, and they are sure to destroy it. They break it down, we put it in a recycling bag, everyone's happy!
Cody, as you may remember from previous posts, is weird. He also thinks he's pretty funny. Example: Wearing and walking in my boots and his pants tucked into his sock.
Need I say more?


Sean and Jennie said...

So cute! I loved Cody crying on the stand on Sunday, it was so cute.

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Cody is so cute! Haha ha!