Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finishing up NC

Lots of fun was to be had in North Carolina. We went to Chuck E Cheese, Marbles Kids Museum (we went there last time too and we love it!), of course a trip to Krispy Kreme to watch the donuts being made, swimming at a great pool, the Life and Science Musuem, the Jump Zone (which is way better than anywhere her in Albuquerque!), went to a lot of different parks, and just a lot of playing, dancing, and cooking yummy food. In essence, we didn't really do that much! :) It's always so much fun to go out and always so sad to leave. Hence the reason why I stayed 2 weeks. I just wish we could all live a whole lot closer. 
The Pool
Krispy Kreme
Life and Science Museum

Jump Zone

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